Mahalasa Narayani is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti. Goddess Mahalasa Narayani is worshipped mainly in Goa, parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Karnataka. . Meenakshi Pancharatna Stotram – Prayer to Goddess. Mhalsa (Marathi: म्हाळसा, IAST: Mhāḷasā), also spelled as Mhalasa or Mahalasa is a Hindu goddess. She is venerated in two distinct traditions. As an independent goddess, she is considered as a form of Mohini, the female avatar of the god Vishnu and is called Mhalsa Narayani. Shaktihi Sarvagyasarvashaktishcheti Kilakam | Shri Mahalasa Narayani () || Om Mahalasaye Namaha || || Ithi Shri Mahalasashtottara Shatanamastotram.

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Hey goddess who is the power behind creation, upkeep and destruction.

Hamsa yuktha vimanasthe, brahmani roopa dharini, Kaushambha ksharike devi, Narayani namoshthuthe. Mohini seized the amruta from the demons and served it to the gods. Sarva swaroope sarveshe, sarva shakthi samanvithe, Bhayebhya sthrahino devi, durga devi namosthuthe. Hey Goddess Lakshmi, who is the personification of shyness, who is of the form of upanishads, who mayalasa a religious temper, who looks very strong, who has nqrayani form of the manes, who is permanent, who is the night of deluge and who is the cause of all the worlds, Our salutations to you, Narayani Udupi District, Karnataka State.

Graheethogra maha chakre, damshtro dhyutha vasundhare, Varaha roopini, shive, narayani namosthuthe.

Mhalsa – Wikipedia

It is only a question of time. Kiritini, maha vajre, sahasra nayanojwale, Vruthra prana hare, narayani namoshthe.


For undertaking the journey, we need a guide. Oh Goddess who is a giver of all good things, who is peaceful, who is a giver of all wealth, who can be relied upon, who has three eyes and who is golden in colour, Our salutations to you, Narayani 3. Mohini is worshipped as Mhalasa Narayani or Mhalasa.

Oh Goddess who has the form of Shiva Dhoothi, who killed the great army of asuraswho has a horriying look and who has a great soundOur salutations to you, Narayani There are many stories associated with how the idol of Mahalasa came to be installed in the temple at Mardol.

Samkha chakra gadha sarnkhya graheetha paramayudhe, Praseedha Vaishnavi roope, Narayani namoshthuthe. Mhalsa is often depicted with two arms and accompanying Khandoba on his horse or nafayani besides him.

In order to help the Gods, Lord Vishnu had to take the avatar incarnation of Mohini or the Stotra. Mohini was born in the house of Tima Shet and the child was named Mahalasa.

She is worshipped as the Kuladevi family goddess of different castes and communities in the region.

PUBLICATIONS – || Welcome to Shri Mahalasa Narayani’s Temple at Harikhandige ||

For details, click here. Oh Goddess Bhadrakalisalutations to you, let your horrifying trident surrounded by flames, which is very angry and is being kept to trouble all asuras, protect us from fear. Ethathe vadanam soumyam, lochana thraya bhooshitham, Pathu na sarva bhoothebhya, kathyayani namosthuthe. Narayani Sthuthi Translated by Maahlasa. This book is presently available in Kannada, and Marathi, English edition is expected at a later date.


She was so beautiful that the eyes of all demons got riveted on her face. Of Goddess who is with cock mahalas peacock, who holds a great spear, who is without sin, who is of the form of Lord Subrahmanya, Our salutations to you, Narayani.

Narayani Stotram

Retrieved from ” mhaalasa Newer Post Older Post Home. As per this legend, Mhalsa was born as the daughter of a rich Lingayat merchant in Newasa called Timmaseth.

According to another legend, Mhalsa is considered to be a form of Shiva’s wife Parvati. The nomenclature Mahalasa Narayani distinctly corroborates this concept. These 10 families brought with them their following family deities: Life has no meaning without spiritual discipline. Oh Goddess Kathyayani, naraywni salutations to you, let your pretty face adorned with the three eyes protect us from all beings.


While the minute details are not known, it is evident that this migration took place during the persecution launched by the Christian missionaries during the Portuguese rule. Damshtra karala vadane, siro mala vibhooshane, Chamunde, munda madhane, narayani namosthuthe. Retrieved 14 March Spiritual life is essentially an inner journey. Pai is now available in Kannada. There was a fight between the Gods and demons.