Twelve Red Herrings [Jeffrey Archer] on Many of the 12 stories here, all of which feature false clues and twist endings, are based on “known”. Twelve Red Herrings is the third collection of irresistible short stories from master storyteller, Jeffrey Archer. Cleverly styled, with richly drawn characters and. First published in UK hardback – Harper Collins UK paperback published – Pan Macmillan. Expect the unexpected A wrongly convicted murderer.

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Among all the jerfrey stories i read in this book. Overall, the book is an enticing and comical adaptation of the everyday world we live in.

Short stories varied in their quality. For me, most had predictable ends. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. This ending has no juice. Great review of short stories!!! It was very enjoyable.

Archer ke baarah teer !!! – TWELVE RED HERRINGS – JEFFREY ARCHER Consumer Review –

An Eye for an Eye I felt this one was really entertaining and atmospheric. My most loved short story creator. Four endings to same story and you can either choose th eone you want or read 4 in a row. Though it’s still confusing that our protagonist is trying to plan his entire life out with this woman he literally just met the day before. Jeffrey Archer, whose novels and short stories include Kane and Abel, A Prisoner of Birth and Cat O’ Nine Tales, has topped the bestseller lists around the world, with sales of over million copies.


As the title suggests, each one of the stories has an unexpected ending. I too liked all Archer books, including this one. Tempted by Midnight Dark Melody 12 Carpathian By: Dec 25, It was quite memorable but it didn’t have a very surprising plot twist.

Twelve Red Herrings

All of the stories are fast-paced and exciting. Never Stop on the Motorway This story is pure anxiety. Oct 02, Kerrie rated it really liked it. Among the novels, which Jeffrey has written till date.

A few stories are really awesome! Middling, yet interesting and thrilling.

Twelve Red Herrings is exactly what it says: I’m disappointed that it turned out to be quite dark. And your review does justice to a great short story collection. The entire book seems to play on herringd stupidity of people, a device that stops working sooner rather than later.

Each of the stories has an unexpected twist in the final moments. There as you reach the last story, you are presented with a piece herrigns written to answer that question you ask.


Here Archer has the hero Michael narrating the story jeffrsy he, seeing a beautiful woman while driving by a theater, stops to pursue her and is also lucky enough to hertings her out for dinner!

Lord Jeffrey Archer needs no introduction. An OTP has been send to your mobile. He is the only author ever to have been a number one bestseller in fiction seventeen timesshort stories four times and non-fiction The Prison Diaries. A point- I hereby promise that the next time I order a steak it will be medium rare I liked the ending of second title Burnt, its hilarous!!!

I don’t want to mess up my chance with beautiful woman Alert on more product reviews. A red herring is a false trail, bait that is meant to be taken, leading to the wrong conclusion.

The enscription on Deerings arm and on Mortimers arm both include the year ” I love Archers books. Shoeshine Boy This was one of the few that I actually really liked.