Microcontrollers- 2nd Ed. Raj Kamal Pearson Education. 3. Port P3. Port P2. P ort P. 1. P ort P. 0. Timer. MCU. MCU (CPU + Internal Resources). The families differ mostly in instruction sets and architecture. The Intel microcontroller, Intel’s first µC, was used in the Magnavox Odyssey² video game. The first controllers to gain really widespread use were the Intel , which was integrated into PC microcontroller is a processor with memory and a whole lot of other .. A basic CPU architecture is depicted in Figure

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The 51 is one of the most popular MCUs on the market. They represent the easiest way to upgrade performance of existing MCS 51 microcontroller applications, delivering up to 15 times the architscture.

By calling some memory locations registers, we can access them with single-byte instruction. D C circuit diagram of antilog circuit log amplifier diode LA LA using bc transistor Micocontroller While each CPU may have the same core the feature set can vary a lot. Ramadan Al-Azhar University Lecture 3. The MCS family is now made by dozens of companies, with many different features.


The will also accept commands to turn indicator LEDs on or off. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. The is software, pin, and architecturally compatible with the A. It is a bit-addressable register.

Intel MCS-48

It mivrocontroller inspired by, and is somewhat similar to, the Fairchild F8 microprocessor. The instructions let you work with the data pointer as a bit register or as two separate 8-bit registers. Intel used several naming conventions to specify wether the chip had ROM or not. The Microprocessor Theannounced inwas the first bit microprocessor introduced by Intel Corporation is bit MPU.

This memory is addressed separately from the internal bytes of RAM. Fabricated in 5 volts NMOSmicrocomputers. Since Intel has been producing many different types of microcontrollers. When a port is to be used as an output port the data is put into the corresponding special register.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Arcnitecture processor cannot write data or read data from these memory locations. Single-board microcontroller Special function register. Below is a general overview of each type of Intel Microcontroller Family.

They use the powerful MCS microcontroller instruction set, with many enhanced 8, 16 and bit instructions available. Because of this it is much used in high-volume consumer electronics devices such as TV sets, TV remotes, toys, and other gadgets where cost-cutting is essential.


All output stages are open collectors each capable of sinking mA to drive. Below is but a small list of these companies: It cannot execute program instructions from this memory space.

EPA Famlily Event processor array. This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat The program memory space is a read-only space. The external memory must start at memory location H and can be up to a full 64kbytes. A lte rn ative fun ction of DP2.

block diagram of microcontroller datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

Within each family there are many different CPUs. The processor scans the key matrix, converts switch closures to an 8-bit code and then transmits that code serially to the keyboard interface on the main system. Embedded system Programmable logic controller.