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MCr has read understands and will comply. Trmning Course Outline o.

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A complete set of reference manuals that details installation specifications will be provided by facility which includes. Call Detail Provides the completed calls by inmate in the order that they were placed over a specified time. Mcr desires to demonstrate its coinmitment to meeting and exceeding your requiremt: More than One Inmate Provides a list of telephone numbers that have been called by a user 88102a number of inmates Section 2 Tab 6 – Technical Requirements Site name branded call mcj recording developed: The focus is an integrated system controller which controls; records, and allows for monitoring of all inmate calls from a single unit.

MCr will provide all the necessary labor, materials, etc. The report can be obtained by entering the minimum calls threshold, type of call collect, debit, or bothThis team approach to ” installation has allowed Mer to successfully’install tens of thousands ofinmate phones. This CPU based system is based on proven telephony technology, designed. For each add or edit record, the fields to be updated will contain non-null values.


Maintain inside cable plant. Call processing system initial user training, system refresher training, system upgraded training and new user training on call processing systems 812a features. All records are available on demand automatically usrng the GUI applications provided.

A call recOrd is who made the call, date 8102z tiine the call was made, the length of the, ‘ call and why the call was terminated: Check the original document to verify accuracy. Installation activities will’begin at Group 3. Section 2 Tab 6. The recorder is a part of the server which operates with Microsoft Server software ‘and. This application measures and reports daily performance levels, such as the number of.

MClhas read understands and has complied with the following cleaning schedule.

You may additionally convert the encapsulated call into a Wave format for playback on other. Successful Contractor is Point of Contact: The DOC can request these customized reports on a daily basis.

Section 2 Tab 8 – Maintenance Requirements The Contractor shall also include the number of years training experience the person s have who shall do the actual training and the number of sessions previously held by each in doing training on the proposed System B and System C.

The Contractor shall be responsible for reimbursing the Commonwealth for the travel. Full access allows the user to ‘View, Add,’: This will continue until sca: Some technologies evolve, in which the individual, incoming speech signals on the station side and trunk side can be recorded individually.

Prison Phone Justice

Provides all inmates’ attempts to place calls with Invalid PIN numbers. Each month MCr will present the Commonwealth with a management report detailing each of the above requested items to include dispatches, maintenance and calculated liquidated damages. The comprehensive training curriculum is designed to cover 81102a system administration and all investigative tools described below. Access circuits’ serving the inmate phones are ordered.


Call processing system initial user training, system refresher training, sy,stem upgraded training and new user training on call processing systems and features. Ticket search criteria can be limited to a single facility, multiple facilities, or all facilities. Furthermore, each inmate’s PIN account will have a defined. Three Way Call Detect.

MCI Academy Wins Fans Across Industry

CDR Browser ad hoc query feature will be 8102w. The MCr implementation team will perform site surveys of the Group 5 facilities. When PINs are ill use, a language preference may’.: The workstation provides user-specific, multi-level access control of all system functions. Headphones and hands free headsets will be supplied Tor each monitoring workstation:. Total flexibility shall be given to the user to keep the type of information, which is deemed important. Additionally MCr has provided a completed PA Attachment 12 in this proposal fonn also providing the requested data.

This tool provides Mer and various DOCs with immediate access to all maintenance, repair, and network issues. Mel is offering to the Commonwealth, access to our secure Web Tools. MCr will provide a 24x7x operation for all DOC issues.

The Ticket Manager system offers a: A hardware package that includes, but is not limited, jci, the following items: The report can be obtained by entering 3-digit speed dial codes.

Allow List Detail Specifications. Specify space required for storage of spare parts: This also il1,cludes any.