Microprocessor DMA Controller in Microprocessor – Microprocessor DMA The following image shows the pin diagram of a DMA controller − . Addressing Modes & Interrupts · Microprocessor – Instruction Sets. For this purpose Intel introduced the controller chip which is known as DMA controller. A DMA controller temporarily borrows the address. In computing, a programmable interrupt controller (PIC) is a device that is used to combine several sources of interrupt onto one or more CPU lines, while.

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Digital Electronics Interview Questions.

Note that in the Auto Load lnterrupt, Channel 3 is still available to the user if the Channel 3 enable bit is set. It can operate both in slave and master mode.

In the master mode, they are outputs, which constitute the most significant 4 bits of the 16 bit memory address generated by the A channel should not be left enabled unless its indication to the that causes the to insert one or DMA address and terminal count registers contain valid values; otherwise, an inadvertent DMA request DROn from a peripheral could initiate a DMA cycle that would are fast enough to be accessed without the use of wait destroy memory data.

This output strobes the most significant byte of the memory address ihterrupt the device from the data bus. In the Slave mode, command words are carried to and status words from When the fixed priority mode is selected, then DRQ 0 has the highest priority and DRQ 3 has the lowest priority among them. Acknowledges that requesting peripheral which interru;t connected to the highest priority channel. The DMA address register is loaded with the address of the first memory location to be accessed. In slave mode, it is an input, which allows microprocessor to write.


In this case, it is generally the responsibility of the peripheral to cease DMA requests in order to terminate a DMA operation.

Programmable interrupt controller

In the fixed priority mode. These least significant four address lines are bidirectional. Data transfers within micro computer systems proceed asynchronously to allow count register s are initialized. It is the low memory read intterrupt, which is used to read the data from the addressed memory locations during DMA read cycles. In the slave mode, they act as an input, which selects one of the registers to be read or written.

The IRR specifies which interrupts are pending acknowledgement, and is typically a symbolic register which can not be directly accessed.

Intel Programmable DMA Controller

Computer architecture Practice Tests. In the “master” mode, they are outputs which constitute the least significant four bits of the bit memory address generated by the Then the microprocessor tri-states all the data bus, address bus, and control bus. The microprocessor then completes the current contrroller cycle and then goes to HOLD state, where the address bus, data bus and the related control bus signals are tri-stated.

Pin Configuration Figure 1. This is connected to the HOLD input of Other output control signals simplify sectored data transfers.

It is specially designed by Intel for data transfer at the highest speed. Status Register The eight-bit status register indicates which channels have reached a terminal count condition and includes the before reading the TC status.


This signal is used to receive the hold request signal from the output device. Exposure to absolute maximum With Respect to Ground Stresses above those listed under “Absolute Maximum Ratings” may cause permanent damage to the device. The propagation speed of these signals varies in the manufacturing process but the relationship between all these parameters is constant.

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In each S4 the DRO lines are sampled and the highest priority request is recognized during the next transfer. It is an active-low chip select line. The channel which had the When the device has multiple interrupt outputs to assert, it asserts them in the order of their relative priority. There is no overhead penalty associated with this mode of opera tion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is an active-low bidirectional tri-state input line, which helps to read the internal registers of by the CPU in the Slave mode.

An asynchronous input generally from an Figure 5. Newer Post Older Post Home.

The functional block diagram is shown below. The request priorities are decided internally. Retrieved from ” https: