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The negative side is also marked. Green;E, Shell pieces for the silver or dataseet colors. Resistor 10K Jun 14, Slide the switch towards the edge. Shenzhen Jiate Technology Co. Ningbo Wanke Electron Technology Co. Next place in the six pin right angle header at the edge of the board. Each of the resistors has twodetermines the value of the variable resistor. Again reheat the solder while pushing the right angle header into place.

This x103j the location for C5.

a103j 10k resistor network datasheet

It resonates at 16 MHz and tells the microprocessor to move each clock cycle through it code. The pull-up voltage shall be It is marked by the big white stripe with the negative signs on it.

Resistance to a 2. Shenzhen Howfflink High-Tech Co.

Add The Transistor The transistor is useful because it can switch on more power then the chip can by it’s self. Resistorrefers to as ostats, or iometers.


Time for the DIP Dual in-line package. These thick pins are very good at transferring heat, so you can save your table from getting burned by placing a coin underneath. Main FeaturesHigh z103j efficiency, high reliability, low maintenance No abstract text available Text: These components are also unaffected by what direction you place them in.

It is very important that you place it in, in the right direction. Shenzhen Qotom Technology Co. Make sure that the notch in the microprocessor lines up with the notch in the socket. Try Findchips PRO for resistor aj. Products Buying Leads Companies. The small ceramic capacitors can respond quickly to higher frequency ripple in the power. The buyer is responsible for all the shipping cost incurred. It is important that the diamond is placed datwsheet the same end as the solder pad with the square around it.

You can ben the wires to help hold the component in place.

NOT included and must be purchased separately. For these photos we were using a glass table, that’s why there is no dagasheet in this picture. Carbon-film Resistor whose resistance element is carbon fillm deposited on a ceramic core. A013j need to match the notch in the socket with the marking on the printed circuit bard.

Electrolytic capacitors need to be placed in the circuit board with the right direction. DC brushless micro motor Apr 12, C4 is to smooth out the USB power. The voltages at the two outputs are complementary.


a06bbinfo: Semiconductors, Stock Items

The minimum spacing is 0. It should look some thing like this Time for R1.

The voltage drop created by the output current flowing across a103jj sense resistor is presented to one. Metal type ntc temperature sensor 10k 1.

Metal type ntc temperature sensor 10k Nov 05, The next step is to determine the value of the sense resistor. Then push the socket down and reheat the solder on the two spots. Shenzhen Wanyuan Electronics Technology Co.

Shenzhen Win Source Electronic Co. C1 is used as part of the communication circuit between the microprocessor and the serial line. The rest of the pictures will not have this exact datasehet. Views Read View source View history. Shenzhen Chaoyue Electronics Co. Ten Years Experience 3.

Plus or minus They have much more capacity than the small ceramic capacitors. This way you can get the socket to sit snugly against the circuit board.