Questions – A ATP SIM check ride – Really need help with this one. I trying to obtain an FAA ATP. As I am currently flying the A, I want to do. The Un-Official Airbus A Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual Captain Mike Ray has written about flying the Airbus and this manual, while . The Checkride program allows the trainee pilot to prepare for their Checkride oral Airbus A; Airbus A; Boeing BNG; Boeing B; Boeing B

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A standard limitation question database is also included with over cards. The graphics and related descriptions used in this application represent a specific configuration and may not exactly correspond to your respective aircraft. Best of all, focus your study on a reduced set of questions most likely to appear during an oral checkride.

I would like to see a IAE engine selection as some of the panels are different in this. Product Description No printing allowed for the download version! Over all I think it has an edge on other trainers out there. I find the app useful for studying and add a bunch of notes for my airline in the notes box.

A320 Simulator & Checkride Manual

Recently I got a new iPad, and was surprised to find out that none of my notes transitioned to the app. I still use it weekly to stay proficient. Overall this is by far the best A cockpit study guide out there. This app is not associated with the aircraft manufacturer or with any of its subsidiaries 3a20 any way.


There are different radars and IRS panels that are not available either. The Aerosim Checkride A for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch provides pilots with a self-study tool to help prepare for the oral exam and checkride through an educational cockpit experience.

So many more functions. I wish I would have known about this app prior to initial training at NK. We want your feedback on our Checkride App. Boeing Next Generation Cockpit Companion. Limitations study is a fantastic tool. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. I wish I had this app for initial training! Airbus A Checkride Guide Model: Also has hundreds of questions. This feature helps pilots become familiar with the panel functionality without pulling out bulky aircraft manuals and paper cockpit posters.

It has all the switches, and lights covered. Email to a Friend. Add Items to Cart Qty: Developer Website Checoride Support.

Limitation cards can be edited, and new ones can be created by the user. And still used to this day for recurrent. More Views Checkried all pictures. Worked without any issues on my iphone 5. Submodes for the system display and navigation display. Magento maintenance by Ecoto. This is one of the best study guides I have used to study the A Likely checkride questions are on point.

I like that you can add notes. I chefkride it on my company iPad as well.

‎Aerosim Checkride A on the App Store

The feature that checjride you not only review what the button does, but also system review questions is ingenious. Thankfully I was introduced to it prior to going to initial training and it really helped prepare me. I can tell you I wish I had this trainer for my type rating. I tried another cockpit app that doesn’t compare.


This trainer has unique features that will maximize your precious time while studying.

Airbus A Checkride Guide

Compatibility Requires iOS 6. The hefty volume will be a constant companion for those simmers who want to master the operation of the Airbus family. This by far is the best part of the app. If you need to study it’s worth it just needs work and options. Pan and zoom around a detailed, high resolution image of the cockpit.

So much better than Aerosim! It is based on the latest LCD panel. The A Cockpit App was designed for both the iPad, and iPhone, by professional pilots, instructors and check airman flying the A series airliner for checckride a decade. System Reference The app is a perfect cockpit companion.

Jeppesen Professional Pilot’s Logbook. Clocks in a wrong location and some planes have a IESS in them vs all old steam Gage’s for standby instruments.

The Un-Official Airbus A Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual Captain Mike Ray has written about flying the Airbus and this manual, while intended specifically for the professional airline pilot, would make hceckride terrific addition to any serious flight simmers library.

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