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Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer Movie Review

On the very same January 29 -Today My first day as an actor ” suttupidika utharavu ” movie shoot begins. Guess who the only Indian film star seiveet to make it to this prestigious Forbes honour? A simple and honest screenplay with a liberal dose of realism coupled with some excellent editing, but most of all, the totally unexpected climax, sets this film apart”. Axdhalal actress Jayanthi death rumors! At a later stage, he cuts his veins in front of his family members in a very obvious effort to blackmail them into agreeing for the marriage.

However, it is never smooth sailing for him with disruptions coming in various forms ranging from his love life to team selection politics.

Suseenthiran to announce a surprise for Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer fans

Breaking away from the aforementioned outlook, director Suseenthiran crafts an intelligent and bold story about hormone-driven teenage romance. The film doesn’t present a chauvinistic view of the issue, but highlights how carelessly youngsters take decisions in life without even an iota of guilt kwdhal responsibility. Edit Did You Know? The Yash starrer collects Rs 1.

Review: Aadhalaal Kadhal Seiveer is compelling – Movies

Shwetha’s dad speaks to Karthik’s dad along with few relatives, and they argue. Tiger Shroff is flying into like a true action star. Suseendran proves himself to be one aadalal the best men in the craft with “Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer”.

In only one hour and 46 minutes, which is the film’s biggest plus, AKS is an honest effort backed by natural performances. Aadhalaal Kaadhal Seiveer is a must watch, writes S Saraswathi.


Any story dealing with a social problem is either extremely preachy or overtly melodramatic, but kadhql we get here is an intelligent output sans cliches. Edit Cast Credited cast: Collegemates Karthik and Shweta fall in love and take it to the next level but the girl soon discovers that she is pregnant.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Top six sizzling photos of Priyanka Chopra. Shwetha has loving and over-indulgent parents, who treat her as their friend and give her complete freedom.

Kudos to the director for writing and narrating an impactful story”. Karthik is brought up by more conservative parents who are strict and even discourage him from having friends. They argue a lot and that awdhalal a rift between them, but still they choose to stay together and return home.


Audible Download Audio Books. Videos Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer Trailer. May 10, Her mom relates the unused pads and her vomiting and her behavior and realizes that she is pregnant and then all hell breaks loose. Was this review helpful to you?

A simple and honest screenplay with a liberal dose of realism coupled with some excellent editing, but most of all, the totally unexpected climax, sets this film apart. Therefore, Go Ahead and Love, Tamil: Aditi Rao Hydari disappointed.

Antony, Gayatri Krishnan, Abu Valayamkulam. Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer on Aug Share this Rating Title: Retrieved 4 June Both lead actors have performed adequately. Suseenthiran came up with the script of Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer while chatting with a friend who was talking about one of his relatives, a college girl, who had fallen in love. The warm love story of a landlord and his wife and their car.


Rather, he chooses to talk about the consequences of the premarital sex between the leads. The impact was such that I was prompted to make a movie out of the story,” says Suseenthiran. See all results matching ‘mub’. The immature lovers have to face the consequences.

The events that unfold in their lives form the crux. Pustakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing is refreshing Review: The families continue to argue about the marriage, and then finally Karthik’s parents agree, provided Shwetha aborts the kadhaal.

The young brash lovers seem to have absolutely no clue that their careless attitude and irresponsible decisions have life altering consequences for others. He has also posted a picture of his upcoming acting experience in Suttupidika Utharavu directed by Ramprakash Rayappa and has stated that the shoot of the film coincidentally started today January Suseendran’s stories are never childish, it always shows a lot of maturity to it.

AKS reservation starts today. And soon Shwetha is eating out of Karthi’s hand and they spend some intimate aadhalao in a sea side resort resulting in her getting pregnant. Retrieved 25 September And, by the time the melodramatic asdhalal song has played out, you are moved and repulsed at once. Kudos to the director for writing and narrating an impactful story.