original description (ofMadrepora spectabilis Brook, ) Brook G () Preliminary descriptions of new species of Madrepora in the collections of the British. Finger Staghorn Coral Acropora humilis at Animal-World includes cluster coral information, live coral care and coral pictures. Range Description: This species is found in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, the south-west and northern Indian Ocean, the central Indo-Pacific, Australia.

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Acropora Biological Review Team. Radial corallites are of two sizes, usually in rows.

Many experienced aquarists do not believe any crab should be kept in acripora closed system with Acros. Glossary Asexual reproduction Reproduction that does not involve the formation of sex cells, such as sperm and eggs.

The angelfish enjoyed pellets made with these coral’s eggs, but when offered eggs or larvae made from Pachyseris speciosa Lettuce Coral the fish taste and then spit them out. This growth is necessary since the A. The Finger Staghorn Coral A. These corals are restricted to shallow, tropical, marine environments. Wildscreen With – Tom Hooker: In the wild Acros reproduce asexually as well. In acroporq areas, coral reefs restoration attempts are being undertaken; in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, efforts have been made to reattach coral fragments, or culture and settle coral larvae.

It was described as Madrepora humilis by Dana in Colonies can resemble antlers staghorns and be up to two meters tall, or can form delicately engineered plates and tables that may be up to three meters across. Keep the nitrate levels low. Some of the resulting larvae settle quickly on the same reef, whilst others may drift around for months, finally settling on reefs hundreds of kilometers away 3. Their radial corallites the cup formed by a polyp are found in two sizes. This species is affected by global climate change.


Finger Staghorn Coral, Acropora humilis, Cluster Coral Information and Coral Pictures

Lindsey Paretti – Blood Island. Chocolate sea stars and others from the same genus will eat your Acropora. Do you already have an account? Radial corallites tend to be of varying length, about 2 mm wide, and occur in rows.

In captivity they require stable tank conditions, sudden changes may result in death. Acropora species constituted 13 percent of the global coral trade between and In captivity, feeding zooplankton humliis a week is the preferred choice.

Retrieved from ” https: Madrepora Tylopora fruticosa Brook, Synonymy. Other corals that arrive later, then tend to move in. While in Beta phase, the website will be taken offline periodically for modifications. In fact, between the Acropora and Montipora corals, they acropira up one-third of all reef building coral species. Staghorn corals are more common in the dead coral trade, rather than the live aquarium trade 7. Staghorn coral biology Like many corals, staghorn corals have a special symbiotic relationship with algae, called zooxanthellae.

It usually involves numilis parents, one of either sex, but in some species individuals are hermaphrodite possess both male and female sex organs.

Lea and Blanchard, Philadelphia. Acropors can send out digestive strands called ‘acontia’ that are actually used to digest neighboring corals, so keep an eye out for any problems. A mature tank well over a year old is advised to increase the chance of successfully keeping Acropora. Staghorn corals are reef-building or hermatypic corals, and are incredibly successful at this task for two reasons.


Propagation is rather simple for Acropora corals. Im a bit tied up at present but ill see if i can get on later with some info and pics regarding A. Acropora humilis Conservation status. For further information on the conservation of coral reefs see: Madrepora Tylopora spectabilis Brook, With Acropora species currently known, and with such an amazing array of shapes, sizes and colours, identifying individual species can be a tricky task 3. Moving Acropora from place to place will stress them, and possibly cause death.

Emperor angelfish Pomacanthus imperator. Larvae Relating to corals: I love the coral ire arrangement of them just not to sure about the growth.

But new forms of prey are being developed including invertebrate larvae and new strains of rotifers.

Show us your acropora humilis

Coral Reefs Tanks should offer high calcium levels and strontium should be added. Then, simply cut a branch at least 2″ long and glue the frag to a plug or rock.

They grow quickly because the terminal polyps are fed by the rest of the colony. Authentication This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible.

Buying captive propagated A.