Products 1 – 10 of 15 Buy Now · Navtech Europe Supplement. AERAD Buy Now · Navtech Flight Guide Poland to Urals, & to SE Europe to Greece &. AERAD. If you are a UK-based aviator you will know about Aerad, and you will also know about Jeppesen. If you are based anywhere else in the world you will know. In addition to Aerad’s range of Flight Guide Supplements a larger range of accessories have been brought out to complement the main guides. £ (Non- VAT.

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RIP Aerad, once great charts now unusable!

AERAD Charts – What is happening [Archive] – PPRuNe Forums

Perhaps the QA is the issue we should fligght concerned with? It is completely ineffective as a way of enforcing regulatory change. There is a further problem for those of us who use the Aerad executive manuals since within the same binder there are now three different formats of Aerad chart. No it is not, at least as far as I am concerned. Now, in the new style, wupplement is one chart for taxiways, and a separate informatipn displaying holding points! Another issue is renaming the pages.

They are less haphazard than the old one, with the SSA in one place rather than in the corners or in a rose. Yes, l am taking the pee. If I flew to the equivalent standard as these charts are, there’d be thousands of dead people behind me. If one of my engines quits I’d rather fly the profile published by my airline than something dreamt up by the idiots who designed these charts.

The second goes by the name of the SID designator. As a side note a quick glance at the PDF file posted above shows charts that are slightly more eligible than the two I had to read today, so certainly alot of variation dependent on the airfield being visited. It is retained for those airlines which prefer this format. An example was elevation: Even with that local knowledge, I found the plates almost unusable.


The latest UK inspired claptrap will be London Oxford plates. Tiny little paragraph states CAT A charts available upon request.

Why can’t we retain the lines on the altitudes if we prefer that presentation? Whatever happened to the concept of customer service? SID altitude constraints are the worst for flight safety in my oppinion.

I have now “lived” with these charts for a couple of weeks.

All radio beacons and waypoints are identical in depiction. I am sure that if the companies involved cancel their contracts with Aerad and change to other charts suppliers we would informaion some rapid changes! I’ll add to the rant as well, we have just started getting these as replacements and I was shocked at how difficult they were to use.

Glad to be a Jepp user again.: I’ve just had a look at the powerpoint presentation, not seen a real chart yet, but there are some improvements over current Aerad charts. Non English speakers have to learn English for the notes, by your argument we should put them all in the local language. Navtech based in Waterloo, Canada is the owner of the company. In all truth my Ops Support department helped me out and supplied me with the correct docs.

Aerad Flight Information Supplement

I did my first trip with these charts last week from Prestwick. Also, it should tell us that in the presentation.

Preferably before loss of life: Apparently the chart production has been outsourced to India: It just makes it more time consuming to find info you want. Did you guys work out the minimums? May I come in? I see the format has been brought out for LHR and the taxi chart is frankly a disgrace. That means QFE is set if that is the minima you use.


Navtech (AERAD) UK Touring Guide

When I pointed it out to a Captain who informatjon find it he was gobsmacked when he saw it. The chart is rather disjointed in places and is certainly a small step backwards for now.

There is now the “new” format, the “previous” format and the “format before that”. All the staff in Stockholm think they are more like Aerad and vice versa.

Not user friendly at all and as has been said difficult to supppement and gather information from.

The inverse presentation of the altitude bust height is retained. Try telling an Italian airline that its capital city is Rome. The ILS freq are also easier to find. I must admit that I find them easier to read. Why the hell do Nav Aids look like waypoints? The glidpath angle is now written on the vertical profile picture. Hi Gents Many thanks for your constructive comments although as usual some have tried to turn it into Aerad v Jeppesen debate.

Used them in anger at night week and a half ago they are very cluttered and un userfriendly. I originally thought all this was due to the fact we naturally resist change.

My straw poll of crews comes to a pretty unanimous ‘unimpressed’. Comes to something when you cant figure out your home base from the charts! During the day bad at night nightmare. I live in fear of the day I have to go informatiob for the first time with these plates!: