Aerzener Maschinenfabrik was founded in In , we manufactured the first positive displacement blower in Europe. In , the first turbo blowers. disposal facility: the Aerzen Turbo Generation 5. Unbeatable,. AERZEN’s mix of blower, hybrid and Turbo technology. De- signed for large intake volume flows of . Aerzen Turbo Blowers are single-stage high-speed radial turbo blowers designed to meet varying flow and pressure requirements in many different processes.

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AERZEN Turbo Generation 5

To ensure a smooth function, the system must constantly check the exact position of the shaft. The value of non-contact air bearings has enormous advantages over mechanical and magnetic solutions. To enter the necessary oxygen into a basin, the flow machines must function smoothly in a harsh environment over long periods of time. Inthe first turbo blowers followed, in the first screw compressors and in the first rotary lobe compressor of the world.

One of the most significant drawbacks is the very limited service possibilities.

Aerzen Turbo Blowers

AERZEN’s air suspension for turbo blowers offers significant advantages of simplicity and energy-efficiency. Oil-free-screw-compressor Process gas compressors Air compressors Biogas compressor. The company joiner’s workshop made models for the foundry.

The bearing and shaft are provided with a two-component coating of graphite and Teflon, which have arezen high temperature as well as a friction tolerance and resistance.

Over the decades we have developed these packaged units to technical excellence.

Of course, all relative parameters of the turbo fan can be gauged in real-time. The aerzne of finely calibrated sensors and the overall complex control circuit also has disadvantages. Turbo Blower packages include: Fairs Customer journal Releases.


Ergo, turbomachines in sewage applications require bearings that operate without mechanical friction, and ensure a smooth operation of the turbocharger during the compression process.

Aerzen Turbo Blowers

Due to their complex control circuit, magnetic bearings are rather more limited asrzen regard to robustness, and are quickly switched-off in extreme situations. The idle mode is much more energy-efficient than constantly switching on-and-off the entire system.

Ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, and low lifecycle costs The AERZEN Turbo generators set new standards when it comes to everyday upkeep, scheduled maintenance, and energy efficiency. The air supplies the microorganisms into the basin with oxygen. Room ventilation calculator Unit calculator.

This double “anti-stick coating” significantly reduces mechanical overloads and wear-and-tear during machine start-up. Start of the Turbo Blower productionJanuary: Directory of contacts Request. Reliability, energy efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs are extremely important. Overall, the solution by magnetic bearings is more expensive over the long term, technically overcomplicated, and energy inefficient.

Oil-free-screw-compressor Process gas compressors Compressed Air Biogas compressor. The modern turbo compressors are extremely robust and can be used effortlessly within hours of operation in sewage treatment plants and other areas of sewage technologies.

On the other hand, the complex controls require regular maintenance. Because the installed batteries must be fully charged and stabilised, a UPS also requires its own maintenance. In the long-term, the efficient development of services has a positive impact on energy consumption.

In contrast to aeren magnetic bearing, no additional energy input is required for generating the air pocket, because it automatically forms through the normal functions.

Turbo blower generation 5 – AERZEN Maschinenfabrik

If something needs to be repaired or replaced, it cannot be done at the installation site; only at the manufacturer. If a asrzen is nevertheless needed, you can replace all related components within a few hours; especially at the installation site. To sum it up: In this case, “frictionless” is known within the context of contemporary innovation; since conventional ball bearings or other mechanical bearings, which always cause some amount of friction; are not practical at the high-rotational speeds, generated inside a turbo blower.


Water and waste water treatment. Solutions that constantly set new standards for energy efficiency, performance and quality, and that meet constantly changing regulations — with after sales service available all around the world.

Both in terms of cost and the environment.

In principle, there are two approaches for the implementation of a friction-free and non-contact bearing of Turbochargers: The workload on the emergency bearing would be so great at full-speed, costly damages would be highly likely. The performance values for the Aerzen Turbo Generation 5 mean maximum efficiency in waste water tanks.

The purchase price of the compressor pays off relatively quickly from saved energy costs and, thus, hardly has a long-term effect financially.

There’s a lot to be said about the economical Turbo. Acoustic evaluations Machine diagnosis Training Machine aefzen. The high speeds ensure automatic centering of the shaft in the bearing, and increases the operating pressure in the air pocket to more than 30 bars psi.

Contact between the friction-components in the bearing is provided only when the turbocharger is turned on or off, or when the air pocket is built up.