User guide • Read online or download PDF • ALESIS QS7 User Manual • ALESIS Musical Instruments. QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Alesis QS7 Image Alesis MMT-8 Not Syncing Minimoog Properly Hi all read the manual about multitimbral but can’t seem to get it into action do I have to.

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The additional Mute Groups can be used by other alesi that you wish to cut-off each other, but do not want to interfere with the Hi Hat sounds. However, you can override this setting by selecting a different value, thereby assigning the channel’s panning between the left and right outputs. On the other hand, if the Mod Wheel parameter is set toraising the Mod Wheel to the top will cancel qx7 all tremolo.

When in an Edit Mode, the display will alesie something like this: Channel 2 parameters Filter Envelope Release time to 0 is good for playing those short funky riffs that you hear on a clavinet.

This setup of parameters can be stored so that you can get back to it instantly at the touch of a button.

Alesis QS7 user manual

This allows you to isolate individual channels in a Mix. Most of the analog differences depend on the D-A Device used.


This can be due either incorrect software values manaul faulty hardware. The parameters available for an effect function depend on the selected effect type.

ALESIS QS7 User Manual

Send 2 reverb balance Each page in Store mode provides a different type of storage, copy or data transfer function. Channel 1 pitch octave 3 0 0 -2 But applying negative modulation will not affect the Amp level, since it’s already at its lowest value and cannot go any lower.

Channel 6 parameters see above When the Aleeis is set to 0, the envelope attacks right away, without any delay. The first 11 bytes are common parameters for all three configurations.

Program Sound Layers The simplest method of programming is to take one voice, process it through the filter and amp sections, and if desired add some effect wlesis it. Initially, the 4 Preset Banks and the User Bank contain data loaded in at the factory. Chapter 4 The upper-right section of the display will indicate the currently selected page number. Under normal situations, this will not be a limitation remember, each bank has 1 28 Programs and 1 00 Mixes; 1 1 banks gives you additional Programs and additional Mixes.

ALESIS QS7 User Manual | pages | Also for: QS8

Each Program is linked to its own Effects Patch. If the filter cutoff is extremely low, then no signal will get through, no matter how the amp is set.

This ensures that the QS will be in tune with previously recorded material. The lEC-spec AC cord included with the QS do not substitute any other AC cord is designed to connect to an outlet that includes three pins, with the third, round pin connected to ground. Send 2 right delay feedback Polyphony – 64 voices.


Alesis QS7 | Vintage Synth Explorer

Sustain Decay 00 to 99 Page 6 This is the amount of time that the envelope will take during the sustain stage to bring the level down to 0. Contact your local Alesis dealer for warranty assistance. Note that portamento behavior is more predictable in mono mode.

Send 1 lezlie horn This determines how the drum alesls respond to the dynamics of your playing the keyboard. For example, stack a piano on top of a brass sound and a string soundadjusting the volume of each for a desirable mix. If you have edited any of the Programs in the Mix or the Effects Patch, you must store them separately.

Upon power-up, the QS will display the last selected Program or Mix. The sound of a well-tuned Plate has become quite popular over the years especially when used on vocal or drum sounds.