Alexandria Troas is an ancient city in the Aegean, which was mentioned also in the Bible. All about Alexandria Troas, ancient city near Troy in Turkey, & how to visit it, by Tom Brosnahan. Alexandria Troas is an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey’s western coast, a little south of Tenedos (modern.

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Unpublished for Valerian II. It owed its spectacular development to its strategic position, on the Aegean coast near the entrance to the Dardanelles. Alexandria in Troas from Livius.

Alexandria Troas is an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey’s western coast, a little south of Tenedos modern Bozcaada. This article has been previously published as a part of book Gallipoli Peninsula and the Troad: Retrieved from trooas https: Several of its later bishops are known: Statistic cookies help website owners to understand how visitors interact with websites by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Alexandria Troas “Alexandria of the Troad “; Greek: Create new trroas Request new password.

The aqueduct was built by emperor Trajan. Local farmers used the sarcophagi as cisterns of street fountains, and granite blocks were alexandia into cannonballs for the Ottoman army.

It meant that Alexandria was a convenient harbour for the transit of goods transported on the route from the east to the port of Neapolis in Macedonia, and further – to Rome. Caracalla, AE23 of Alexandreia, Troas.

Constantine considered making Troas the capital of the Roman Empire. Alexandreia, Troas, AE25, civic issue. Gallienus AE20 of Alexandria Troas.

Alexandria Troas

Colored marble fragments, friezes and statue pieces including a Dionysos head were also recovered during the excavations, showing us the richness of the city.

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BMC 46 var obv. Gallienus AE 20mm of Alexandria Troas. Since the city was easy to reach, it was not difficult to demolish it, to obtain tross construction materials. Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites.

Troas is also a titular see of the Orthodox Church under the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Valerian, AE of Alexandria, Troas. Geta, AE24 of Alexandria, Troas. Ignatius of Antioch also paused at this city before continuing to his martyrdom at Rome. Skip to main content. Alexandria Troas remains a titular see of the Roman Catholic Church.

Commodus AE24 of Troas, Alexandria.

Troas, Alexandreia – Ancient Greek Coins –

During the Byzantine period emperor Constantine considered making Alexandria Troas as the capital of the Roman Empirebut later on the city lost its importance and abandoned with the coming of the Ottomans. Alexandria Troas is an ancient city located south of Canakkale province on the Aegean Sea.

There alexqndria several remains of public buildings towards the west of the old city center. Today, there are many ruins, which include an aqueduct, a basilica, a bathhouse built by Herodes Atticustemples, a theater, an odeon, and city walls. Bellinger A var drachm. One of the major entrances to the city was the Eastern gate, known as Neandria gate, which was built in the 3rd century BC.

Caracalla, AE25 of Alexandria Troas.

Alexandria in Troas

Gallienus, AE19 of Alexandria Troas. Paul when he set sail to Europe during his second missionary journey 50 – 52 AD. Elagabalus, Alexandreia Troas, AE It was one of the major sea ports in the Aegean connecting trade routes in Asia Minor to Neapolis in Macedonia by sea lines and then to Rome by road.

If you’re craving a new perspective on your travels, the best thing to do is get up high. It became wealthier, as is indicated by the building of the temple of Apollo Smintheus. There are other biblical references to Troas in 2 Cor 2: On his third missionary journey Saint Paul had a long preach during which Eutychus fell down from the third floor of the building Acts Caracalla, AE of Alexandreia, Troas.


The city was surrounded by a km long wall and equipped with a fine aqueduct carrying water from Ida mountain. This man came to Alexandria Troas to hear the speech of St. Paul of Tarsus sailed for Europe for the first time from Alexandria Troas [7] and returned there from Europe it was there that the episode of the raising of Eutychus later occurred [8].

The former harbour, consisting of two bays, is now completely silted up. In the 1st century BC Augustus built a colony of Roman soldiers at this site thus making it a Roman metropolis, during which period it was called as Colonia Alexandria Augusta Troas. Frank Sternberg AG, 35, Lot The site’s stones were much plundered for building material for example Mehmed IV took columns to adorn his Yeni Valide Mosque in Istanbul.

Ancient settlements in Turkey.

Alexandria Troas – Wikipedia

Media related to Alexandria Troas at Wikimedia Commons. Bellinger Type 44, A var Commodus. Navigation Biblio Glossary Monthly reviews Recent posts.

A small Christian community already existed in Alexandria in the middle of the first century AD, as we know from the New Testament, namely the Letters of St.