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In this paper, we consider the problem of global finite-time stabilization for a class of nonlinear systems by bounded output feedback. A MIMO process control example based on the control of irrigation canals is used to illustrate the concepts. Tube-based control requires the determination both of a nominal or reference trajectory and an ancillary controller that constrains deviations of the algebee of the uncertain systems from the nominal trajectory and is difficult to extend to nonlinear systems.

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Apgebre Care and Burn Unit, Univ. There has to be some purposefulness that the system can refer to. Numerical Differentiation on Irregular Gridspp.

The advantages and limitations of tube-based model predictive control for dealing with uncertainty of various forms are discussed, firstly in the context of constrained linear systems, and an extension to deal with robustness against unstructured uncertainty is briefly described.

UMONS, membres du staff: Publications of Manneback Pierre

This concept controller is designed and simulated on a generic 4. This is a necessary precursor to the more general case of time varying reference signals. The drag-free control has the task of realizing a virtual environment reducing the non-gravitational linear accelerations from that the name drag-free below a threshold compatible with the accelerometer dynamic range and with the gradiometric performance.

The other one is unstable and represents those patients who developed AIDS in an average period of 10 years.

Specifically, if the nominal closed loop system without delay compensation is ISS with respect to perturbation and measurement errors, then the closed loop system employing prediction based delay compensation techniques is robustly stable. In this paper an orthogonal basis is use to extract the general trends in the wind signal, which are forward to the down wind turbines. Theoretical foundations are laid down for a class of general model composition agents Alggebre with an advanced subclass of rational physical agents RPAs.


Hospital, LausanneSw. It is shown that in these applications simplicity in implementation makes concepts of SMC a very attractive design alternative. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed control scheme when the vehicle is subject to different driving situations. The drill pipe model is described by the wave equation with mixed boundary conditions in which a sliding velocity is considered at the top end. Following the success of PROBA-1, the PROBA-2 spacecraft was launched on ss2 November and continues the in-flight demonstration of on-board autonomy by performing a Sun observation mission as well as numerous flight experiments.

One way to overcome the resulting problems is the use of prediction based compensation schemes. A universal controller is designed for strict feedback systems with unknown nonlinearities, capable of guaranteeing, for any a priori known initial state condition, bounded signals in the closed loop, as well as prescribed performance for the output tracking error.

Information taken from the identification of real collected cases was used to tune the parameter uncertainties. This paper deals with the dissipative problem for uncertain time-delay networked control systems with both multiple measurement and control packet dropouts. Furthermore, the obtained system is expressed as a mixed logical dynamical model by using our previously proposed modeling method. The robot farming system includes a rice planting robot, a seeding robot, a robot tractor, a combine robot harvester and various implements attached on the robot tractor.

In essence, this problem is characterized by a tight coupling of target allocation and continuous trajectory planning.

This paper presents a generic view of e-Maintenance and points out both the benefits as well as the hurdles there still exist on the road to support the complete life cycle of a product with e-Maintenance, while providing a critical assessment of the current state of affairs. When the system is close to linear, the performance of the LS-SVM is only slightly better than the linear models.


Deviating from the classical sinusoidally perturbed ES approach, specific plant information is assumed to be available and this results in an analytical estimate of the upper bound on k for non-local stability. Simulation results are included, towards the end of the paper, to indicate the effectiveness of the new methodology. The main result of this paper is the extension of the Adaptive Mixing Control AMC approach, to the discrete-time setting.

In this paper altebre embellish the core algorithm so as to provide a certicate of robust stability. Several control strategies have been proposed to deal with time delay, parametric uncertainties and nonlinearities for bilateral teleoperation. The synthesis of the observer is preceded by an observability analysis of the induction motor leading thereby to a sufficient condition.

Experimental Evaluation Ipp.

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In this study, Design Chain Network of recycling waterways sediments is presented to determine a logistic strategy for real world recycling company in France, and to analyse the algeber of integration of environmental taxes on supply chain design decisions.

The recent development and deployment of the synchronized phasor measurement units PMU is allowing the wide-area monitoring and control of large-scale power systems. Martins da Silva, Margarida.

Several numerical simulations are presented to asses the performance of the proposed differentiators. After a brief technical description of the system, the paper presents the key results gained during the commissioning phase and the closed-loop campaign.

The paper emphasizes the abstraction aspects of the overall hybrid system that emerges from parallel composition of sets of RPAs and Snp.