Allanblackia floribunda is an evergreen Tree growing to 25 m (82ft) by 20 m (65ft) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) The flowers are pollinated by Insects. The useful plants of west tropical Africa, Vol 2. Names. Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. [family GUTTIFERAE]. Allanblackia parviflora A. Chev. [family GUTTIFERAE] . Native geographic distributions of (a) Allanblackia floribunda; (b) A. parviflora; and (c) A. stuhlmannii. Maps reprinted with permission from.

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Presently the seed is collected only from wild stands or from trees retained on farm land When clearing land for cultivation trees are left and managed, especially for shading cocoa.

More modern hydraulic and screw press equipment is now also used[ ].

Flore du Congo belge et du Ruanda-Urundi. The weight of seeds is about 1 kg. To extract the fat, seeds are dried and crushed; the resulting mass is mixed with water and boiled until the fat separates and floats to the surface, from where it is scooped off. Only traces of other fatty acids are present.

A model for the domestication of high potential tree crops in Africa. Numerous, in 5 bundles opposite the petals, 10—15 mm long, anthers arranged on the internal face of the bundle; disk star-shaped with deeply folded glands.

The bark is pounded and rubbed on the body to relieve painful conditions[ ]. Floribund Allanblackia floribunda is a common understorey tree of lowland closed evergreen rainforest and riverine forest, and also in secondary and swamp forest, up to m altitude.


There are citation in web searches related to Allanblackia floribunda Oliv. During the Great War, Allanblackia oil was used as a substitute for cocoa butter during the manufacture of chocolate [ 14 ].

Properties The seeds contain a fat that is solid at ambient temperatures. A new source for food, oil and ecosystem services. As a growing market, functional foods have steadily increasing economic importance.

One study, however, has been conducted with A.

Allanblackka floribunda 1, base of bole; 2, flowering twig; 3, fruit; 4, fruit in cross section showing seeds. The fruits are eaten by wild pigs and porcupines, which may distribute the seeds. The compounds isolated showed moderate in-vitro cytotoxicity against the KB cancer cell line[ ].

The fat from the seeds of Allanblackia floribunda is very similar in composition to floribundq of Allanblackia parviflora A. Allanblackia floribunda tree with fruits. Dark grey to black, smooth or rarely flaking with square scales.

Results and Discussion 2.

Tallow Tree (Allanblackia floribunda) ·

Seedling with hypogeal germination. Twigs have been used as candlesticks. Table 1 Allanblackua characteristics of three species of Allanblackia of commercial interest [ 101112 ]. Sap squeezed from the bark is a component of a medicine used to treat urethral discharge. Inflorescence a terminal raceme or panicle with strongly reduced branches or flowers single or in pairs in leaf axils.

Allanblackia floribunda Vegetable Tallow. Tallow tree PFAF Plant Database

The natural compound guttiferone F sensitizes prostate cancer allanvlackia starvation induced apoptosis via calcium and JNK elevation. The fairly hard heartwood of Allanblackia floribunda is pale red or brown and usually fairly distinctly demarcated from the thick, pinkish beige sapwood. Keeping the fruits for a few months on damp sites covered with banana leaves and buried partially and scarification of the seedcoat improve germination rates only slightly. Unisexual, regular, five-merous, cream to reddish, fragrant; pedicel 3.


Citation in web searches. Adulterations and substitutes The fat from the seeds of Allanblackia floribunda is very similar in composition to that of Allanblackia parviflora A. Crown Agents; London, UK: A triglyceride derived from three molecules of stearic acid 2-oleostearin was first isolated by crystallization from A.

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A prenylated xanthone from Allanblackia floribunda. Published online Sep It is estimated Nigeria produced about 50 tons of allanblackia oil in Origin and geographic distribution Allanblackia floribunda occurs in aklanblackia rainforest zone from Nigeria east to the Central African Republic and eastern DR Congo, and south to northern Angola; there is one old herbarium specimen collected in Benin.

It is common on strongly leached, floribudna soils with pH 3. Implications for management of a genus newly subject to domestication for the edible oil industry.