AR 740-3 PDF

Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering NOTE: AR is a Joint Service Instruction and is also DLAI , AFMAN (IP), NAVSUPINST A, MCO A (The true file name when . provide extensive information about AR ( ).

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Auth with social network: Contingency or wartime storage requirements. Support space and administrative or personal services space will be identified separately and justified by validated workload and personnel requirements for the function concerned.

Scope This section— a.

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Inspection frequencies, page In-storage inspections, minor repair, testing, and packaging aspects associated with these efforts. This objective is applicable to total covered storage space excluding igloos and magazines. Facility computation requirements a. Principles and guidance concerning the proper management of storage space are contained in TM 38— and TM ——1. Allocation of space will be expressed in gross square feet to programming activities and storage sites.

Reports will be dispatched not later than 15 working days after the as of date. Management Control Evaluation Process, page In alphabetic sequence list the name of each commodity stored. This analysis will include consideration of available covered storage space at other Army and DOD installations on a regional and national basis. The cubic capacity of improved open storage space will be computed by using an average stacking height of 10 feet.

In the absence of a list of material comprising the storage objective, the percentage to be provided covered and open space will be 95 percent covered to 5 percent open.


All projects for conversion of storage and warehousing facilities, i. Miscellaneous items, such as batteries and basic issue items of a sensitive nature. 740-33 the gross storage space at the installation or activity, which is assigned or used for any operation concerning storage or the support of storage functions.

The criteria in table 4—3 will be applied in determining the type of facilities required for storage of supplies. The request will show that use of facilities or services of another military department or agency, other Government agencies, or commercial warehouse service ra not practical.

APS, except for Class V, will be stored so as to maintain unit integrity down to and including battalion and separate company level.

The total storage objective will be stratified and assigned to each depot listed in paragraph 2 of the detailed justification accompanying the DD Formper AR —1.

Issue procedures will be developed by each CEG to facilitate the issue of APS to using units in an emergency, or for use in an exercise. The total number of short tons of mission stocks, including peacetime operating stocks, war reserve and project stocks to be stored.

There is 704-3 exception to the above. After notification, the appropriate inventory control point will divert the shipments to another installation s that has have the required facilities available. An established need justifying the allocation of space or a facility to accomplish an approved objective, mission, or task.

This publication is availa- S u m m a r y.

Depots and depot activities will not divert storage facilities to nonstorage functions without preapproval of the. McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. Ammunition stockpile reliability functional tests.

AR Storage And Supply Activity Operations

Maintenance provided during this phase for APS will be organizational, direct, general, and depot level maintenance necessary to qualify earmarked stocks in accordance with established serviceability criteria for 740- in APS. In developing requirements for storage and warehousing facilities, emphasis is to be placed on using permanent or semipermanent facilities that, separately or in combination with allied facilities, are the most economical to operate and maintain.


Locations other than depot, depot activity or depot dispersed storage area, where prepositioned material is stored. Diversion of storage space should only be considered in the event that all other means explored have proven impracticable. The major objectives of quality control and reliability management are—.

Army, DLA, Navy, and so forth.

AR 740-3 Stock Readiness

Depending on the type and nature of the ammunition item to be evaluated, any part or all of these programs will be used. A public highway or railroad right—of—way passing through an installation will not be considered as breaking the continuity of the land.

Enter the annual cost charged for the leased space. This regulation covers the following subject areas: Explanation of abbreviations and terms. When the demands on CH storage result in limited or no space available, warehouse and shed space will be used in that order of priority. Policy, responsibility, and procedures regulating the establishment, disestablishment, inactivation, conversion, allocation, and use of storage and warehousing facilities within DA are set forth herein.