ALEXA SUP – User Manual Download (pdf, 11 Aug , Usage of CDM Test Charts with the ALEXA Camera Download (pdf, KB). The ALEXA Camera Simulator is an interactive training tool to familiarize yourself with the menu navigation of the ALEXA camera family: ALEXA LF, ALEXA SXT. the ALEXA manual at or the interactive ALEXA/ ALEXA XT Camera. Simulator at will ensure.

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Page 20 To reduce the risk of condensation: Recording File Container Size pixel. V-Lock batteries are available from a number of manufacturers.

This file system is read-only for computers, which means data can be copied from manaul card to another device, but the data cannot be manipulated on the card itself. Main Controls The looks are stored in the camera. ARRI cannot be held responsible for the loss of any data in conjunction with internal recording!

Infos And Warnings Special warnings and errors: Apple ProResthe codec family used for image encoding in ALEXA, is a variable bit rate codec, so the available recording time depends on the image content.

Shutter Angle and sensor fps determine exposure time of the sensor in seconds by the following equation: Page 53 Main Controls Select a list value Figure Camera Dimensions Appendix Figure This screen shows the type of motor connected to the IRIS socket, its direction and torque.


ARRI | Inspiring your Vision

Connectors Connectors Connectors Camera back Figure The camera contains default frame lines for 1. Frame lines are a reference for framing that typically consist of an image frame, a center mark and alexaa aspect ratio reference.

Famera Camera Controls Page While High Speed Mode is loading, the camera mode functionality is limited. While High Speed Mode is loading, the camera mode functionality is limited. When the Homescreen is displayed, the brightness of the display can quickly be adjusted by turning the jogwheel while pressing the BACK button.

ARRI ALEXA User Manual

Contact an ARRI service center near you. Connectors at back From top to bottom: Alex level Overlay showing the horizontal levelling of the camera. System Camera Controls Figure Contact The fan module is not working properly.

It can be used to attach any modern PL-mount lens to the camera. To support a lens use 15mm studio or 19mm studio rods and a fitting lens bridge. Alexa Studio with cover plate Add a list value If the list mankal the required setting, press the ADD screen button. Six different colors are used to show the important luminance ranges.

Camera Simulators

It is possible to switch from 4: With the SDI rec flag, sucessfull recording cannot be guaranteed, camrea there is no feedback from the recorder to the camera. It prevents the camera from resting on a back mounted battery when a bridge plate is attached and the camera is placed on a flat surface. Alxa and Look Files Look settings of the camera outputs also apply to any clip during playback, if this clip was recorded in LOG C. It slexa be attached to a tripod head for use with geared heads or greater comfort when using akexa heads.


And here is a slightly longer list with more details: White radio can be identified by a white ring at the antenna mount point. A lower sensor fps will increase the available recording time, while a higher sensor fps will decrease it. Only with valid Anamorphic De-squeeze license key installed on camera Grab still frame grabs a still frame to the SD card Note: For these batteries, the user does not need to set the battery warning level due to the communication of camera and battery.

Page 56 Camera Controls To prevent this, the camera can mark the duplicate frames with a Variflag. HD outputs of the cameras are synced.

OVF with cover plate Figure