Read Sweetwater customer reviews for Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer. Rated / 5 by 23 customers!. Announced in January , the MiniBrute created quite a buzz at Winter NAMM and in the electronic music world. Not only was it the first new. Enter Arturia’s MiniBrute, a true hardware analogue mono synth MiniBrute has only one oscillator, but if that immediately makes you think it.

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Arturia MiniBrute review | MusicRadar

Given the nature of the machine, do not expect to get sounds imitating some realistic orchestral instruments. The choice is in your court. All right, 3 knob, the dreaded brutalizer, the knob for the headphone volume and the overall volume.

The keyboard is nice although there is two octaves. But it can also be very soft and this is what I enjoy most.

All user reviews for the Arturia MiniBrute

Lightweight keyboard with aftertouch 2 octaves. Lets soft sounds and vintage, are the aggressive and modern In short, the MiniBrute can make music as noise. With a little experience we find very quickly that you seek.

In short ergonomics is the highlight of the MiniBrute. The MiniBrute is a 25 key analog synthesizer that has a 3 waveform oscillator and a noise generator. It would have been very useful to have had a way to change their relative rates, but scarcity of panel real-estate and cost may have precluded qrturia.


User reviews: Arturia MiniBrute – Audiofanzine

As for controllers on artruia front panel, I leave it to you to read their descriptions via prior reviews and testing synthwalker. The filter is of the switchable multi-mode variety, offering low, high and band-pass, as well as a notch option, plus resonance capable of self-oscillation. Sawtooth, square and triangle waves, alongside a white noise source, can be mixed in varying amounts. The final word on this then is that we’re seriously considering buying one – though we might have to wait for the ‘PolyBrute’ should Arturia decide to make one!

Jinibrute using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. There are no embedded in the MiniBrute effect, personally I just glue it a slight reverb and that’s enough. It is recommended to heat the MiniBrute few moments then adjust the tuning as our good old guitars Midierror shows us how https: Easier to use and I fell in love with modifiers signals and the gross factor.


This manages to squeeze quite a large amount of functionality into such a small space. Memory – None, patch sheets supplied.

Even if it seems weak it is rather comfortable. Date Produced – But as the beast has an audio input, you can always route a software synthesizer or hardware that plays chords and let him enjoy the MiniBrute filter! A particularly interesting feature here is the ability to clock the LFO rate to the built-in arpeggiator tempo.


Personally, I used the software once, to see what it was, I did nothing to change the configuration. The triangle wave-shaping takes the form of a ‘Metalizer’ that apparently ‘folds’ reviee wave back on itself to create additional harmonics.

So far, it’s clear that the MiniBrute has a far greater range of individual oscillator-shaping miniburte than many mainstream analogue designs, though the synth does lack the fully independent wave control of aarturia true multi-oscillator synth.

You will not be unhappy if you purchase this, it will remain a part of your gear for a long time. Control cutoff by aftertouch is probably improved.

Only two octave keyboard synth artudia, very flexible. In practice this allows you to build-up simple sequences note-by-note. The filter envelope can also modulate the square wave’s pulse width and the triangle’s metalizer. I use it mostly for reggae dub bass lines so 80’s King Jammy’s, Doughie Wardrop At extreme settings the result is harsh and clangourous, but subtler variations are easily dialled-in as well.