Choanal atresia (CA) is a relatively uncommon but well-recognized condition characterized by the anatomical closure of the posterior choanae. Choanal atresia refers to a lack of formation of the choanal openings. It can be unilateral or bilateral. Epidemiology It frequently presents in neonates where it is . Choanal atresia. Rhinogram demonstrating blockage of radiopaque dye at the posterior choanae. From T.L. Tewfik and V.M. Der Kaloustian.

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New studies do aatresia recommend the use of stents, but only the use of rotation of mucous flap to cover the bleeding area, using fibrin glue to fixate the flap 5,7,8.

Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. Frequent post-operative use of nasal saline irrigation and periodic endoscopic surveillance or second look procedures can improve the primary repair success and reduce the rate of restenosis Conflict of Interest Statement The author declares that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

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Infants with bilateral CA can present as an airway emergency at birth. Gilbert JG, Dr S. Views Read Edit View history. Navigation with CT-image has been commonly used in endoscopic sinus and anterior skull base surgeries in otolaryngology. J Pediatr ; 6: If the blockage is caused by bone, this is drilled through and stent inserted. As the technology is becoming more sophisticated, CT-guided and laser-assisted CA surgery may play a further role especially in patients with challenging anatomy, such as low-birth weight preterm infants and neonates with additional craniofacial anomaly.

Choanal atresia – Wikipedia

Case 2 Case 2. Paranasal sinus development and choanal atresia. Studies in early s showed improved surgical outcome of CA repair with mitomycin C use 41 Development of the nasal cavity starts with neural crest cells migration from their origin in the dorsal neural folds at about 3.


Another common sign is cyanosis in an infant while breast feeding, as breathing is dependent on nasal patency in this situation. Retinoic acid RA produced from vitamin A by retinaldehyde dehydrogenase Raldh is important for ontogenesis and homeostasis of numerous tissues The paranasal sinus CT scan revealed bilateral bone choanal atresia in axial cut Pictute 1 and sagital cut Xtresia 2.

Mitomycin is an anti-biotic and alkylant antineoplasic medication which inhibits the proliferation of fibroblasts. Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 4: Since the first description back in eighteenth Century, there has been abundance of literature describing various aspects of CA. In the movie City of Angels, Dr. Its use has traditionally been one of post-surgical adjunct measures to reduce the chance of restenosis. Repair without stenting reduces the intensity of post-operative management and avoids the potential for stent-related complications, such as discomfort, localized infection and ulceration, circumferential scar atresiw granulation tissue formation The bone plaque and the pterigoid lateral layer were removed.

The palatine bones posterior to the greater palatine foramina, the atresia plates, the posterior vomer and the medial pterygoid plates are carefully drilled using a diamond burr. A mucoperiosteal flap of lateral wall of the nasal fossa was placed covering the xe wall of the new choana.

Transpalatal repair Transpalatal CA repair was first described by Owens in as an approach to optimize the exposure of the atretic plate for repair. It presents some disadvantages such as further palate deformities, higher surgical time, higher bleeding risk, higher risk of palatal fistula 2,8,12in addition to higher pain and discomfort after the surgery Majority of studies were single surgeon or institution series with small sample size.

Given the relatively low morbidity of unilateral CA, its definitive treatment is usually delayed until later age as the chance of successful surgical repair increases with age i. After adequate nasal decongestion, a 2. Other potential complications also include palatal flap breakdown, fistula, palatal muscle dysfunction, and velopharyngeal insufficiency Hegerer AS, Strome M. The age in which children should undergo surgical correction remains controversial.


There is no need of stents use after surgery, if a mucous flap re-covering the new choana is made. J Craniofac Surg 18 3: The mean vomer thickness was 2.

Choanal atresia

Topical mitomycin as an adjunct to choanal atresia repair. Flexible nasal endoscopy in a patient with proper preparation, such as nasal decongestion and mucous suctioning, allows direct visualization of the point of obstruction in the nasal passage and confirms the presence of an atretic plate in the choana.

Long-term outcomes of endonasal surgery for choanal atresia: Non-moving of cotton ball or coanzs of mirror placed in front of the nostril; 3. The thinnest section of the atresia, usually found at the junction of the hard palate and vomer below the tail of middle turbinate, is the ideal point of entry into the nasopharynx.

A newborn lethal defect due to inactivation of retinaldehyde dehydrogenase type 3 ed prevented by maternal retinoic acid arresia. Role and regulation of the fibroblast growth factor axis in human thyroid follicular cells. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol 1: Estes sinais e sintomas ocorrem na atresia bilateral de coanas, uma etiologia mais conhecida e, portanto, seria esta a etiologia suposta pelo neonatologista 1,8, Transpalatal CA repair was first described by Owens in as an approach to optimize the exposure of the atretic plate for repair.

Non visualization of blue methylene in the oropharynx placed in the nasal fossa. These inconsistencies may underline the reason why there has been no clear-cut evidence on the effectiveness of using stents after CA repair 5.

Choanal atresia and athelia: