ATTEN ADSCAL vs Rigol DSe were the two options left for considering . Manual, tracking, automatic cursor measurement function;. I have recently bought an ATTEN ADSCAL+ oscilloscope. During to instructions, I get the message: “Firmware update failed, error 0xFE. Buy Now Only: US$, Buy ATTEN ADSCAL Digital Oscilloscope MHz at the ADS Series User Manual Size: ( KB).

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The oscilloscope takes a few seconds to capture the screen image.

Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. All triggers are ignored in this state.


Page 9 Chapter 5 Service and Support Analogue Multimeters Digital Multimeters Accessories. Mine had absolutely NO damage. Page 33 Probe attenuation factor Status changes with the probe attenuation Picture 5.

We should have purchased a Rigol scope instead. Picture Table Mask Setting aten menu 1: Press the MATH button again to remove the math waveform display. Taking simple measurements Taking cursor measurements Capturing a single -shot signal Analyzing signal detail Triggering on a video signal Application of X-Y function Page Picture Table Waveform play back function menu 2: Here are three buttons and one Knob in the Trigger area.


That is similar to under the entire screen pattern simultaneously to observe two waveforms. Set up the oscilloscope to show you a snapshot of the serial data stream so you can verify the signal levels and transition times.

Multiple Language User Interface. Probe attenuation factor Status changes with the probe attenuation Picture 5.

Page Save Store created mask setting. Tags Other people marked this product with these tags: Save setup data, waveform data or picture data to the internal of the oscilloscope or USB flash successful.

Atten ADSCAL Oscilloscope Product Reviews

The oscilloscope has seen a trigger and is acquiring the posttrigger data. All in all, I just love this ‘scope. Taking Simple Measurements 3. Picture Set the Probe option attenuation in the channel menu to 10X. For example, you might look at waveform amplitude and determine that it is a little more than mV. Using Auto set To quickly display a signal, follow these steps: But I’ll figger it out. Picture Table Waveform play back function menu 2: Probe Attenuation Setting 1. This is a company to watch!!


Application Of X-y Function 3.

Page 56 Picture Operate Instruction: The Probe Check function verifies that the Probe attenuation option matches the attenuation of the probe. I use a ‘scope all the time.

ATTEN ADS1102CAL Digital Oscilloscope 100MHz

Chapter 2 Functions Instruction And Operation Chapter 2 Functions Instruction and Operation To use your oscilloscope effectively, you need to learn about the following oscilloscope functions: There is no trigger or horizontal position control of waveforms during scan mode.

Analyzing A Differential Communication Signal 3. Table Set trigger mode to slope trigger function menu 1 Option Setting Instruction Type Alternative The trigger signal comes from two vertical channels when you use alternative trigger.

Unique Digital Filter function and Waveform recorder function.

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