There are a couple of common issues with the BB7 that crop up in many of the forums, many of them due to not taking care with the setup of them. One of the. Avid’s BB7 cable disc brake is an economical stopper that is a great low in your BB7, as well as a great setup video showing you the process. For these Avid BB7s, both of the red knobs are turned counter-clockwise until To install the new pads (or the old ones), simply reverse the removal process. Some brakes allow you to install the pads individually but the BB7.

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On Shimano brakes, if you are having difficulties with the rotor touching the top of one pad and the bottom of another, then you may likely need to have your disc tabs faced.

Only downside is the weight.

Holding the caliper arm down, tighten the mounting bolts to snug. In fact because friction is reduced to a minimum with this system the Avid BB7’s not only have the power of hydros, but they also feel like them as well! The pads moved ever so slightly as the ears pushed past the re-entrant portion of the steel cap.

Tech Tuesday – Avid BB7 Cable Disk Brake Setup

For this quick change, you may need: Too loose and you lose your braking altogether; too tight and your brake drags the whole time. A hydraulic brake replaces a cable with hydraulic lines, and adds a master cylinder at the lever. You get two adjustment wheels at the rotor so you’re never pulling the lever all the way to the bar and with speed-dial levers you can adjust the feel at the lever.


This is most certainly down to the type of cable and routing being used.

How to: Set Up & Adjust Mechanical Disc Brakes

All brake adjustment can be accomplished with the cable disconnected. Likewise, having your lever pull to short will also result in less bite. One of the most common complaints is of a spongy feel. The modulation and adjustability was pretty sweet compared to my old hayes mx2’s and felt as good as my hayes 9 hydros, but the modulation on my current strokers, my old shimano deores, and my wife’s juicy 5’s all convinced me that hydro is better for modulation.

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If the position of the caliper is too far outboard, such that you have to inwtallation out the inboard pad too far to stop the rubbing, then you will need to repeat your steps. The whole system is totally insulated from the effects of mud and dirt, so installed properly you should never suffer from ‘gritty’ feeling brakes again. Yes, lel I have owned and used BB7s.


Whatever will we do! It can often be hard to track down the exact cause. It isn’t always the disc brake that is making the noise. It was exactly my situation as well: The caliper, the actual brake bolted to the bike, is made up of two brake pads, inboard and outboard, between which the rotor will be clamped to provide the braking.

Mechanical Mondays: Setting Up Your Mechanical Disc Brakes Correctly

Gore ride-on sealed brake cables are the best, the one i’ve got on the front i’ve had for 3 years and never had to change it. I installatlon I like that better!

Still, there are lots of reasons to go with the BB7s. The second pad, the outboard, is the moving pad. Related Posts Ask the Mechanics: This should give you a good, neutral lever throw with the best possible braking performance.

Tech Tuesday – Avid BB7 Cable Disk Brake Setup – Pinkbike

The people who poke fun at these brakes don’t know what they’re talking about! About the Pro Class: It is adjustable during setup, but then remains fixed installatuon operation. I used an unsharpened pencil to finish seating the pads into the caliper. Do not clamp the cable at this point. Loosen the mounting bolts.