What struggle was the Church facing that made Barmen necessary? “The Theological Declaration of Barmen was written by a group of. Musée protestant > The 20th century > The Barmen Declaration met as a clandestine synod in the suburbs of Wuppertal (Rhineland-Palatinate), in Barmen . The Confessional Synod of the German Evangelical Church met in Barmen, May , Here representatives from all the German Confessional.

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We reject the false doctrine that beyond its special commission the Church should and could take on the nature, tasks and dignity which belong to the State and thus become itself an organ of the State.

It calls upon all who can stand in solidarity with its Declaration to be mindful of these barmrn findings in all their decisions concerning Church and State. It is threatened by the teaching methods and actions of the ruling Church party of the “German Christians” and of the Church administration carried on by them.

It draws attention to God’s Dominion [Reich], God’s commandment and justice, and with these the responsibility of those who rule and those who are ruled.

The Barmen Declaration

The Theological Declaration from the Synod in Barmen from May 31st,is the central thological statement of the Confessing Church under the regime of the National Socialists They helped over Jews escape.

In barmwn of the errors of the “German Christians” and of the present Reich Church Administration, which are ravaging the Church and at the same time also shattering the unity of the German Evangelical Church, we confess the following evangelical truths: Archived from the original on 8 January Through him befalls us a joyful deliverance from the godless fetters of this world for a free, grateful declaratoin to his creatures.


We reject the false doctrine that beyond its special commission the State should and could become the sole and total order of human life and so fulfil the vocation of the Church as well.

Declaartion they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out -because I was not a trade unionist.

Musée Virtuel du Protestantisme

It trusts and obeys the power of the Word, by which God upholds all things. The “Confessing Church” had a short life. Through him there comes to us joyful liberation from the godless ties of this world for free, grateful service to his creatures.

Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out -because I was not a Communist. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. I am the gate.

The Barmen Declaration – Musée protestant

Views Read Edit View history. Karl Barth, the chief author of the document, while acknowledging the limits of the Declaration, noted that the church alone offered significant resistance to Hitler. The Confessing Synod of the German Evangelical Church declares that it sees in the acknowledgment of these truths and in the rejection of these errors the indispensable theological basis of the German Evangelical Church as a confederation of Confessing Churches.

In Januaryafter frustrating years in which no government in Germany was able to solve problems of economic depression and declaratino unemployment, Adolph Hitler was named chancellor.

They glorified Adolf Hitler as a “German prophet” and preached that racial consciousness was a source of revelation alongside the Declqration. The church lives and wants to live solely from Declsration “comfort and his direction in the expectation of his appearance.

The Theological Declaration of Barmen affirmed that the church is a congregation of persons in which Christ is the active Lord in Word and Sacrament through the Holy Spirit. In the view of the delegates to the Synod that met in the city of Barmen in May,the German Christians had corrupted church government by making it subservient to the state and had introduced Nazi ideology into the German Protestant churches that contradicted the Christian gospel.



The pro-Nazi declaratioj Christian” movement became a force in the church. Often times when an individuals or institutions are faced with a challenge or threat there is a statement that one makes in regards to that threat. Three Prophetic Challenges to the Churchpublished in by Wm. With gratitude to God they are convinced that they have been given a common word to utter.

With both its faith and its obedience, with both its message and its order, it has to testify in the midst of the sinful world, as the Church of pardoned sinners, that it belongs to him alone and lives and may live by his comfort and under his direction alone, in expectation of his appearing. The pro-Nazi “German Christian” movement became a force in the church. The ecumenical nature of the Declaration can be seen by its inclusion in the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church U.

No public profile Sign out. Most Germans took the union of Christianity, nationalism, and militarism for granted, and patriotic sentiments were equated with Christian truth. Whoever enters by me will be saved. Nonetheless, some in the churches resisted. The Declaration provided the theological basis for the Confessional Church in its stand against the Hitler regime throughout the war.