ComStar is a politically influential, quasi-religious organization which maintains a monopoly over the of a communications blackout, also known as an interdiction, made ComStar a significant power within the Inner BattleTech ( ). Magicka BATTLETECH: Flashpoint Shadowrun: Hong Kong Shadowrun: We probably wouldn’t want to take a Comstar mission anyway. I’m wondering if they’re any different. I’ve found a few missions that seem weird, like the lone wandering mech. Not sure if they’re actually.

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The 11 systems in the top left of the map incidently are the only place to catch some Lyran Commonwealth rep I believe. Shitposts can and will be removed.

comstar missions?

Last edited by watcherzero ; May 9 8: May 1, Messages: I still like rando missions like 10x better than campaign missions, but yeah endgame ocmstar like You have to get to a certain point in the campaign to get Taurian missions, then go to one of the three difficulty worlds. I noticed that some planets have ComStar presence.

Jan 3, Messages: Was looking for the same thing myself, in systems where they have a presence. Your name or email address: The 9 systems in the Federated Suns in the top right of the map have Draconis missions.


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Some geospatial data on this website is provided by cmstar. I did one quite early in the medium mech portion of the game, was just run of the mill factionless mission. Particularly bright ComTechs may serve for a year in the Explorer Service. Organization The ComTech Order has changed battletecb since early in its organization. No discussion of moderator actions. In this time period comstar is only Hpg provider, and the combine is at the other side of known space, i dont think we will something from those guys.

Tips for New Players. Obsidian Portal has a lot of really cool features that use JavaScript. These represent credit notes for its services. I’m wondering if they’re any different. MeiSooHaityuJun 1, Agree x 9 Respectfully Disagree x 1. I could be wrong about it being the only place, but I didn’t see some anywhere else. Reef View Profile View Posts. I’ve found a few missions that seem weird, like the lone wandering mech.

Adeptsunlike Precentors serve for a single year and then transfer to a new posting, a policy which ensures loyalty to the Orderand not any single group of personnel, superiors or planet. Ocmstar Blake might not have started off as a fanatic, but eventually developed a messiah complex; Conrad Toyama, OTOH was too much of a true believer; then Raymond Karpov made it even worse.


Anybody found a Comstar Mission? :: BATTLETECH General Discussions

Submit a new link. You should check them out.

Explorer teams consist of two leaders usually Sub-Precentors battlefech five to eight Adepts are outfitted with a small jump vessel, a contingent of troops, and an old starchart, and are instructed to rediscover any worlds with which contact has been lost. Those who become members of this mystical brotherhood only rarely come in contact with the outside world.

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Same with the combine, battlwtech they actually in game yet? DutchRitsJun 1, Apparently they like to pay mercs to hit the Feds back lines. Feb 3, Messages: Campaign of the Month: JavaScript is currently disabled. LC and Draconis have presence in some areas, but I haven’t done their missions yet– maybe there’s other stuff? Battletechgame submitted 8 months ago by Kaisergeese. PremithiumXJun 1, Flew all the way down to Hellespont even – which has an Explorer Corps base – and still haven’t gotten any.

I bzttletech that about the combine, that being said, they are still a faction in game.

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