Book of Enchantments. Patricia C. Wrede, Author Point Fantasy $ (p) ISBN Book of Enchantments. Buy this book. Amazon. From a master storyteller comes this collection of ten new and exciting stories, including a tale about a wizard’s daughter who can change chestnuts into gold. This collection of short stories featuring enchantments offers a surprisingly varied selection. Most of the stories are set in a place of high fantasy–long ago and far.

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My favorite after Rikiki and the Wizard. This witty and charming collection of ten short fantasies includes a story, set in the Enchanted Forest, about Queen Cimorene’s Frying Pan of Doom; a zany yarn about a magical blue chipmunk with a passion for chestnuts; and an eerie tale of a caliph who turns his vizier’s daughter into a wolf.

Book of Enchantments by Patricia C. Wrede

In order to annoy the councilors who make her life so difficult, Elyssa runs away with her family’s blessing to seek her fortune by disguising herself as a maid in the castle of her stepmother’s friend Queen Hildegard.

Each rose contains a possible future for Adrian, success in work, love, failure, death, or continued bitterness against her sister.

Rikki only wants to eats nuts, and while the wizard has no patience for him, his daughter feeds him some chestnuts. Janet is unnerved by a statue of the Lorelei, and as the day wears on she becomes convinced that one of her male classmates is missing.

Stories with strong, wredd, self reliant women who triumph not because they are beautiful, but because they are wise. The Lorelei has been toying with Dan, allowing him to escape nearly to the road before calling him back to the cliffs with her singing.


BOOK OF ENCHANTMENTS by Patricia C. Wrede | Kirkus Reviews

The ten stories included are the following: This one is a bit dark and creepy. The woman and her garden vanish, and Adrian, still not wanting to go back to Sam’s party, decides that there will always be time to talk to Sam tomorrow.

I haven’t tried this. She finished it five years later and started her second book at once, having become permanently hooked on writing by this time. Her writing is free from bad language, lewd sexual content, or gratuitous violence; and she writes both serious and humorous fantasy, different stories here illustrating both types of her work.

Besides the stories mentioned, “Cruel Sisters” was another one I considered a standout; but all of the tales here are quality work.


Since this is a collection of stories, I’ll describe, rate, and review each story individually. No trivia or quizzes yet. The monarchs of the Enchanted Forest patricja visited by an enchanter’s son, bearing a most unusual implement—the Frying Pan of Doom.

It feels a bit like something from a King Arthur story but the magic is definitely different from Merlin’s. I’ve read the whole book before, but I don’t remember all the details of the notes.

On her journey she falls in with a talking cat, who leads her into the Enchanted Forest, claiming that Queen Hildegard is bossy and unpleasant. Outside of the Enchanted Forest story that is fun and witty, the rest of the other stories are varying levels of sadness. How do you find the proper wielder of the Frying Pan of Doom? Want to Read saving…. This would be a good book to read at Halloween with some of the haunting fable-type stories in the collection.


I figured out the twist in this one pretty early. Wrede turns the fantasy and fairytale tropes on their heads for many of the stories, including “The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn” and “Utensile Strength. Short fairy-tale type stories, some of which take place in the Enchanted Forest. Interesting characters, but too brief for any real substance.

Short Stories

Apr 10, Katrina rated it really liked it Shelves: She finished her first book in Arven, a woodcutter and a widower, is surprised one evening by a young man begging his assistance to break into the tower, but things are not what they seem. It was a charming breeze through some good, humorous but reflective writing with great plots and several morals the chew over.

As boook general rule of thumb, I don’t like wizards and I dislike books that are simply a collection of short stories.

However, the stories are excellent, and I would enchamtments reccomend the collection. Elyssa is annoyed but decides to make the best of it. Told in a modern setting.

I loved this book as a middle schooler, and feel like it still holds up!