Here you can download and print out user manuals for Bosch power tools, not only for current tools but also for tools that are no longer available on the market. Royzee: Ok, It sounds like the lock has broken. This has a solenoid in it which keeps the door locked for several minutes after the final spin. Genuine BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Spares Parts, Every Part, Every Model, Search more then Appliance Parts, Free Delivery WFBAU

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I have traced the problem to the speed control board. See All 8 Exercise Equipment Brands. Bosch Table Saw adrien.

I took off the plastic brush screws but found the inner connector with a cable connection. I have two shoulder screws, dfb lever, and a spring.

bosch wfb Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Bosch Table Saw shaun. Saw running, no load getting ready to cut some moulding. I noticed sparks inside the motor housing when this happens. I re-set the switch on the consumer unit, and when I re-started the saw it now only turns backwards and at approximately half speed!!!

On page B item number 56 part number is the Guide Pin and item numberpart number is the C-Clip, and item number 46, part number is the lever. What Grease To Use Now, by looking at the parts drawing, it definetely seems as though bearings are bad, but, there is also a gear in the front of the motor. Motor Freeze Chris Falkowski. Are the shaft and bearings a simple compression in the gear cover? Model Trying to figure out the sequence and procedure on how to remove the motor from the saw.


My question is, is there a speed control and, if so, where would it be?

I pulled out the brushes and they were chipped so I bought new brushes but it still had grinding sound. The speed control on that saw is the cause of a few problems with the motor on that saw.

All of these parts are available from http: It is a RPM limiter. My table saw blade runs reversed. I replaced the brushes, armature, speed control and bearings. Switch is fine, and the armature looks fine as well as the brushes and commutater. My guess is that you will need a new Armature, partand the field, part No Start cap in universal motors.

Since we are only talking about 3 active components here worth over half the value of the saw, and one of those being new speed control I’d hate to just shotgun it with a new field and armature. Why have I had 3 armatures in 6 years?

Bosch Table Saw | |

That may be where the black residue is coming from. Hello, Here is an article and video that I hope will answer any question you might have in removing the bearing from the armature.

Bosch Table Saw Motor Speed versanissan. I bought a used saw that was missing the blade guard.

Bosch 4000 (0601476139) Table Saw Parts

The saw will run in reverse,the saw will run at a high rpm,or run and chatter like your explaining. Hello Simon, I agree with Tinkerdave with his assessment wfn your problem. Bosch Table Saw Repair Wffb Blog Connect. Replace the speed controller and this should fix your problem.


They should be able to help you with the wiring or send you a wiring diagram. Field, ball bearing, or armature??? It is frozen up solid with a bulge on the side. Bosch Parts List and Diagram – It now soft starts and rotates the correct direction.

Are the clean and shinny or do they look pitted and burned? I guess I’m not alone with my Bosch saw problem. On the other hand What is stated in the article is that the armature is pretty tough and doesn’t go bad often. It sounds like the controller is stuck in soft start and brake at the same time. My Table Saw Bosch is running very slow, what should I to replace?

Thanks in advance for any help. The bearing is then retained by a snap ring, item 38 on page B of the diagrams The motor on my just burned out after only a couple of years of occasional use.

Remove one of the brushes and look down through the brush tube at the commutator with a light. I tried blowing it out 40000 didn’t boscy the prob. Lately I’ve been hearing this squealing noise when the saw is running and when I shut it off.

Bosch Table Saw cavazos Generally one cut on the side of the race and you can pull the race off with your fingers. Hi,The small speed control board has been a problem for Bosch for 3 or 4 years.