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To ask other readers questions about By Love Bewitchedplease sign up. Here we have all these untied threads regarding an OM a rather romantic painter who is obviously besotted with his muse, the heroine, and hints at all sorts of drama surrounding the unveiling of his portrait of her, which we NEVER get around to and an OW a woman who plunged to her death while driving on the windy road leading to the hero’s rather isolated mansion, and the heroine then morbidly chooses bewitcyed clothe herself in one of the dead woman’s dresses, leading to a violent confrontation with the hero and so it was really a let down that VW chose to end the story on a rather flimsy HEA triggered by another of those convenient Harlequin life or death experiences that bring two otherwise brutally antagonistic protagonists together in a lovey dovey reunion.

Books where the hero loves the girl a lot more than wimspear girl does, always leave a sweet feeling behind. This book will definitely creep out most readers as it gives out vibes of pedophiles grooming their childish targets not to mention plenty of non-con and dub-con scenes between the two protagonists.

She looks at him as a heroholds him in high esteem. Ultimately By Love Bewitched was a big disappointment. Wow was this one messed up! Ariana rated it it was ok Feb 06, This whole book was about the h provoking the H to make him do just something. So this is how the story goes, Dinah came to live with Jason Devrel when her parents die. The ironi is that the H raped the h and yet it was the bewitcged that I hated.


In need of love but, when roused, capable of breathtaking passion and potency. I kind of like the idea when Hero “forced” himself to heroine and ended up with humongous guilt, but this book failed in delivering those idea.

This relationship was sick. But this was a little too twisty for my likes. I’m sick, sorry, I need some pills to deal with this main ideas and a lot of sugared water to swallow it as well. He then asks her to marry him. Interestingly, she railed winspwar the work of authors such as Harold Lve. I do not like the heroine, though, because she does seem a little petty with her big dreams of working at a department store and silly, unstable mind of believing gossipers.


For that reason, it is a keeper for me. And really, married people having sex when she’s already pregnant anyway, where’s the interest or thrill in that?

It’s just that she loves too much. There is an old fashioned feel to her writing.

Something about this book just felt off key to me, almost like an untuned piano. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

By Love Bewitched by Violet Winspear – FictionDB

He loves her so much that he rapes her. In his mind, she belongs to him. Ann rated it it was ok Oct 09, Her ubiquitous honey bee has been sucking the nectar of quiverin Suddenly the petals of the reluctant flower sprang open and the bee slithered inside, emitting a triumphant buzzing as he plundered the pollen. And Jason it’s his name, right?

Yes, he rapes her. Add to that the age gap and it was a difficult story to bewitchwd. If she had taken a flying leap off a cliff, I would have cheered. View all 8 comments. Ward – guardian love tales are a thin path lpve tread. There are practically NO happy moment right until the very end. Jul 22, KatieV rated it did not like it Shelves: The whole thing doesn’t even make sense. I winspfar it’s wunspear politically correct now to say this but the whiney ciolet is annoying to read so I can’t imagine how much more awful it is for the hero!


And I must admit, there is something about the older Harlequin Presents that always gets to me. He’s not expecting to fall and love, but it hits him like a semi. Other readers might not agree with me but for all her constant whining that she was at the mercy of a controlling, autocratic Jason, I saw her as the one holding the whip in that relationship and mercilessly cracking it on him in order to back him into a corner and submit to her brwitched of him.

There is a streak of cruelty in her that is pretty stomach-curdling. And Jason’s behavior borders in amoral. She tells him she hates him.

By Love Bewitched

My first Violet Winspear book after I heard rave reviews for her stories being angsty and old school. It’s one of those books where the heroine doesn’t fall head over heels first.

This romance may not work for everyone. Most of my heroes, well all of them really, are like that. I’ve enjoyed her other books. This book is rapey! You’ve always been a vibrant child. It is a theme that’s getting tired. Did she just get bored with her stories and just end them with a whimper instead of a bang? For one, it’s almost the same theme as some of her works rich, complex hero and innocent heroine who happens to get impregnated by the hero and is forced to be married to him while they live in a spiteful marriage until they realize the actually love each other.