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This feature proves very useful e. By using this option you can save energy, increase the flexibility of the lighting installation or create more comfort for the user. The calculation point can be part of a calculation grid or can be an observer’s eye for the calculation of the veiling luminance. Then the mast, which has to be moved, can be moved afea changing the aiming points.

Threshold increment on traffic areas close to a lighting installation In Calculux it is possible to calculate the threshold increment measure of the amount of disability glare in a road lighting installation on areas close to a lighting installation. The amount of light measured by the light meter changes as it is moved to different points on the surface. You can connect a grid to a general field, ensuring that any changes made to the field parameters automatically change the grid parameters.

Therefore, only the arrangement is rotated, the orientation of the individual luminaires is not changed. The grid will remain at the same position when arfa application field is moved and will also be deleted if the application field is deleted. As one of the import settings, you can still exclude layers to participate in the result.


Calculux area 7.0 download

Obstacles are positioned and oriented in the 3-D XYZ coordinate system. When the line coordinates have been entered, the line orientation is automatically set by the program. This option Report menu, Print Setup, Layout tab can be very useful. Maintenance costs per year. Switching Modes 1, 2, However, the order of the presentation formats is governed by Calculux and cannot be altered.

It is therefore sufficient to specify a top limit for the Threshold Increment. Hor -Z Z Horizontal -Z grid point. RTB Wetsurface W4 CRO are upwards compatible. If the selected grid method is CEN Illuminance, an Illuminance calculation will automatically be performed. RTB Wetsurface W2 5. Danielle May 30, Active and inactive shapes Each shape can be set active or inactive individually. When you Ungroup a luminaire arrangement, the luminaires are no longer part of an arrangement but individual luminaires.

However, coordinates which are exactly on a grid point can also be entered simply by mouse-clicking on the grid point in the view box. The arc shape can be set as inbound or outbound. Selection of different parameter settings for individual luminaires of the arrangement is done in the luminaire list.

Z The reference point is the position of the first luminaire in the 9.

For a Free arrangement, it’s possible to change the position of the luminaires as well. They are needed to calculate the Road luminance.

Clx Area User Manual | Leonardo Oliveira –

Free Grids not always available; not in Calculux Road The free grids function is an extension of the polygonal grids. The program is supplied with some Road reflection tables. However, for some calculations, such as surface illuminance and luminance it is not always obvious and therefore becomes necessary to define the default side of the grid. This can include remarks and statistics about the project, e.


The centre point of the dimension of the application field is included, giving: Luminance Coefficient The reflective properties of a surface can be indicated by means of luminance coefficient q. In general, for each arrangement the following luminaire attributes if applicable must be set: Size and position of a grid: Data Arranged LuminareNow we will make two arrangement the first is a points in the top of the mast and the secound is a are through the canopy Make the point arrangement with arsa spec.

TI is a quality figure of a Road Lighting installation. A 70m B Arc The Arc shape can be used to create circular shapes. Only the name of the arrangement has to be specified. Edvard May 18, In the case of a modification in the aiming type when there’s no intersection with the aiming plane, the point on the aiming vector, one meter from the luminaire, is chosen as the aiming point.

In the luminaire list the following luminaire information, if applicable, can be set: Energy costs per year; AI: