Camino de Los Ángeles by John Fante, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A los dieciocho años, Arturo Bandini vive con su madre y su hermana, dos beatas, en San Pedro, el puerto de Los Ángeles. Trabaja en empleos duros y mal. Read Camino de Los Angeles book reviews & author details and more at Free delivery on qualified by John Fante (Author). Be the first to review.

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Camino de Los Ángeles by John Fante (5 star ratings)

There was a ten-minute wait for the midnight train for Los Fatne. Troviamo qui un Bandini diciottenne, che deve provvedere alla madre e alla sorella Mona al posto del defunto padre. Then I suppose many of us who have had frustrated dreams could read this novel and find it tragic as well. Ele quis saber que tipo de livro.

Books by John Fante. Many of the other reviewers on goodreads have said that they at least enjoyed the battle with the crabs, but my favorite chapter was 18, when kohn followed the woman in the purple dress. Apr 21, M.

John Fante: el escritor maldito que inspiró a Bukowski

Io, a diciott’anni, e ancora mi succhiavo il pollice! But there’s a park across town, Arturo. The United States Of America. Suitcase in hand, I walked down to the depot. During each episode in his crazed wanderings through the tough dockside streets of angelex Los Angeles, I fervently wished he’d been transplanted to The white heat of a amgeles creative Italian teenager scorches every page.

The youthful energy is apparent throughout the whole book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Well deserved 5 stars. I inform you of this in no uncertain terms. Love this novel by John Fante as well! This was Fante’s first novel written in the Bandini Quartet, but was the last to be published.


Angels a final thought, I would say, that The Road to Los Angeles is indeed an essential part to the story of Arturo Bandini, but nevertheless seems to be lacking some of the nuance that Fante’s later books had.

Camino de Los Ángeles

Fante’s early years were spent in relative poverty. Sono pensieri e debolezze che prima fantw poi chiunque ha avuto per la testa. Fante’s writing is rich and fluid, Bandini is frustrating and honest, but the novel is largely forgettable in comparison to Bandini 1 and 3.

Avrebbe dovuto sentire che discorsi. Fants Arturo is in his teenage years, a narcissistic year old, pretentiously claiming he’s a soulmate of philosophers, he doesn’t really understand, dreaming of naked ladies from his porno magazines, while incapable to approach real women and a complete pain in the ass to everyone he interacts with, annoying them with pseudo-intellectual babbling. Return to Book Page. You’ll never find a job! Get out there and look for what you’ll never find.

It’s no surprise to me that John Fante’s would-be publishers read about half or less of this and said NO WAY are we going to publish this. You look at naked women in clothes closets.

They stood like gray stones. Go sit under a eucalyptus tree reading a book looking for a job. The real world is an inconvenience.

A fast This is Fante’s first novel and it is a little rough. It’s a crazy book, and a bit wild – not bad reading, but though I haven’t read Fante’s other books I am willing to bet most of them are better. Just when I’d about had enough of the freaked out, uber-hormonal, lying, shrieking, never-shut-up think Eddie Haskell on speed AND steroidsendlessly though often quite amusing repetitive, strident, fantacizing, big word using and abusing, grandiose loudmouth, year old peckerhead Arturo Bandini, the book ends rather abruptly.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s worth reading in context with rest, and much better, of the Bandini saga. Down the stairs I went, down the street, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, sometimes foggy and sometimes clear.


The Road to Los Angeles is violently grotesque but John Fante is utterly honest in telling his story and honesty is a rather rare merchandise in the modern literature.

Den norske oversettelsen flyter bra. Arturo Bandini ha mille idee per la testa. Who’ll give you a job, you swine – who?

One of the greatest books I’ve read, despite xngeles its flaws–still postmodern after all these years. However, as Fante lacks Toole’s comic genius, he fails to generate affection for his extremely unlikable protagonist.

Camino de Los Ángeles by John Fante (3 star ratings)

There was a ten-minute wait for the midnight train for Los Angeles. Alcuni passi sono memorabili, altri non lasciano nulla. The Saga of Arthur Bandini 4 books.

Overhead the heavy telephone wires gave off a humming sound whenever there was a lull in the traffic noise. Other books in the series. Fante’s Bandini has a lofty aim-to ascend from his meager existence to the exalted realm of art-yet he is a brutal, delusional, self-aggrandizing, and ridiculous young man. Out lox the muddy channel bed came the rich stench of oil and scum and strange cargo.

It focuses on the family dynamic between Bandini, his parents, and two younger brothers. His megalomania is severe to the point where it becomes absolute comedy. And “Wait Until Spring, Bandini,” chronologically the first part of the Angelfs story, but second written, became Fante’s first book lps.

He lived and worked in W Fante’s early years were spent in relative poverty. I ate breakfast, put a book under my arm, pencils in my pocket, and started out.