Canonet QL17 Film Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Canonet ql Film Camera Canon Canonet G III QL17 Instructions Manual. (28 pages). The G-III belongs in the elite small group of compact 35 Rangefinders with faster than f/2 lenses, combined with automatic exposure with manual over-ride. CANON REPAIR MANUAL. CANON CANONET G-III (REF. NO. ). CANON BLACK CANONET G-III (REF. NO. ). CANON INC. JAPAN.

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Perhaps the easiest solution is have your repairman adjust the meter to the new 1.

The battery off switch is effectively the lens cap, or a camera bag. Do you prefer a longer lens? In shutter-priority mode, the automatically selected aperture is indicated in the viewfinder by a needle over an aperture scale.

Therefore, if you own a handheld light meteryou can use this camera without a battery. The meter uses a CdS cell mounted on the lens, just above the front element. However, a rotating film rewind lever as you advance the canonft tells you the same thing PC connection with protective plastic cover.

The camera only supports a maximum film speed of ASA. A dedicated flash unit was sold with this Canonet. But do keep in mind that the meter is disabled during manual mode, meaning that the meter will not indicate what’s the current setting of the apature, you will have to take your eyes off the viewfinder and look at the apature ring to see what’s the apature biii.

Canon Canonet QL17 G-lll. The ISO ring tab has a little notch in it meant for a fingernail, I think. The ASA range of 25 to is shown atop the lens.


That has to be done with the external controls though, not in the shooting position since there will be no information available in the viewfinder once you turn the aperture ring off A.

Flickr image Japanese 35mm rangefinder Canon C. Retrieved from ” http: John Goodman’s light seal kits are excellent for this. Hot Shoe Battery test: A simple, mechanical solution.

Canon et G III QL17 Instructions Manual

Pic on left shows the plastic covered PC connection, the battery test button with the battery test light, and the very large convenient lever rewind. It has a feeling of quality about it that you have to feel to understand. Please note it is possible to select a fixed flash output to match the above guide numbers with many different flash units. And stock up on hearing aid batteries too and you’ll be good to go. They existed in chrome or in black. Load the camera by pulling up on the rewind lever, which will open the back.

Just bring the film leader over to the red mark, close the camera, and advance the film. If you do have a battery in it, you can use the auto setting to get a meter fanonet, then set the camera reflecting the meter reading plus your own judgement.

I love that camera. The Canon web site goes on to explain that the “G” stood for “grade up” in quality improvement, canlnet the “III” for the third of the Canonet series.

Overview Discussions Photos Members Map. Only the autoexposure system requires a battery, however. It is giiu tight for me with my fingernails, but with the tool it is no problem. Privacy policy About Camera-wiki. This method uses the flash sensor ON the flash for flash units so equipped. Very numerous, used prices are surprisingly inexpensive.



Personal tools Log in. When selecting a different shutter speed, you can see a ring with a series of perforations moving in front of the metering cell. Note the large for its class lever advance.

The bottom of the camera shows the battery compartment, and the main problem of the G-III.

These are intended to help photogs who don’t understand shutter speeds, and can be ignored by experienced picture takers. Since it has a hotshoeno extra cables are required.

The G-III 17 is quite pleasant to shoot. Correct film loading window: If you have a flash for your SLR, it may have this capability. It is one of the nicest of the ’70s compact Rangefinder genre. QL17 is definitely next on my ebay shopping list. Thanks, i use ‘sunny 16’ when i’m outside, but some lighting conditions require something a little more accurate. It offers shutter-priority autoexposure, or unmetered manual mode.

To the right is Canon’s superb Quick Loading Film system. Push the tab in with the screwdriver blade and then turn the ring. I use this rule often with no meter camera. Edited by equable cactus manuql 7 years ago.