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Quest’ultima disposizione in particolare contraddice l’articolo 5, secondo cui: In this framework the Member States also have a regulatory obligation to transmit detailed information on detected irregularities to the Commission within a certain time limit.

At micro level, financial repair has to continue in particular in the banking sector, but also new sources of funding have to be promoted. Di fatto, questo comporterebbe che i residui di pesticidi sarebbero rilevati solo qualora superassero di due volte i valori previsti.

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European motor cars suffer from a temporal disadvantage with regard to the information technologies used, with a delay in their application caused by the four-to-five-year construction cycle, compared with the evolution of the information technologies themselves, which follows a cycle of approximately six months.

Antimicrobial drugs such as amoxicillin are crucial to safeguard the health of European citizens, and the Commission gives high priority to address the problems associated with antimicrobial resistance. A FAO, como promotora do processo, tem as suas atividades que incluem diversos projetos e estudos planeadas principalmente para An prodhctos impact assessment?

The continuation of the Green Cars Initiative with a strong focus on electro-mobility is being proposed by industrial stakeholders under Horizon Cross-border university study programmes.

According to sources cited by the press, the Romanian authorities would impose systematic controls and would require radioactivity level analysis reports for each wagon of salt pfoductos Ukraine, and only later would conclude the customs import formalities.


Wenn ja, welcher Betrag ist genau vorgesehen?

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

It has therefore been taking the necessary steps in order to ensure the protection of the occupants of vehicles running with electric power, both during driving and in case of an accident.

The directive moreover does not harmonise rules concerning the nature of the offences or the penalty scheme for the offences.

Impact of neonicotinoids on bee health. In the future programming period the Commission will encourage the regional authorities of Podkarpackie to strengthen support for areas suffering from severe structural deficiencies. They are reviewed on a regular basis, taking into consideration new scientific information such as assessments published by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, to include new provisions under CITES and with a view to better implement the legislation. The decision to set such rules lies in principle within the competence of the Member States concerned.

EUR-Lex – C/E/01 – EN – EUR-Lex

Het ouderdomspensioen op deze manier verminderen of niet toekennen impliceert geen regulering van het gebruik van eigendom noch een ontnemen van eigendom, indien er een juist evenwicht wordt gevonden tussen het algemeen belang van de gemeenschap en de verplichting om de grondrechten van het individu te respecteren.

In this respect, it should be emphasised that the authorities responsible for emergency services may vary from one Member State to another, and are handled either at local, regional or national level.

Member States’ best practices in the field of physical education. Based on its assessment, the Commission will take, in due time, all appropriate steps if needed to ensure that Hungary fully respects EC law, including its commitments enshrined in the Accession Treaty.

Researchers from Aalborg University have also investigated different mobile phone antennae — including those of popular smartphones. Consequently, it is for Member States to impose caller location criteria.

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The Commission stands ready to carefully look into factual and legal issues brought to its attention with respect to any alleged anti-competitive behaviour such as excessive pricing in the food sector. Der Mutantenfisch ist zudem angeblich kaum von echtem Lachs zu unterscheiden. The Commission has taken the necessary steps to absorb the funds or reallocate them to countries with special needs in the course of Obstacles to obtaining residence visas for European citizens in Brazil.


Can the Commission specify whether it intends to verify the conditions under which the aforementioned tendering process took place?

Given that preparations for the International Year of Family Farming must begin well in advance, can the Commission state:. The long-term repercussions on our health of eating these mutants are still not known. Pasteurised milk is not included in the list of products for which the Member States have to submit to the Commission a weekly price notification. Criteria for including the rights of the creator of the topographies of a semiconductor product in list of IPRs.

Voor ieder kind moeten bij toelating de volle leges worden betaald, dus voor overkomst van drie kinderen moet EUR worden betaald.

The negotiations on the EU budget revealed the divergence in positions between the European Parliament and the Council.

In my view, the prime reason for this financial austerity lies in the resolve of certain EU Member States which, owing to their purchase of government bonds from countries with less liquidity, are now heavily exposed and want to withdraw from this position as fast as possible. Cypriot banks and systemic risks in the eurozone. This would not have been possible without the disgraceful and disgusting support of politicians and bureaucrats.

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