King Rat. China Mieville, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN Saul is snatched from the authorities by a mysterious savior named King Rat, who claims to be. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of King Rat by China MiĆ©ville. This novel is a resplendent supernatural tale moving to the brain rattling pulse of Jungle and Drum ‘n Bass. These musical styles are the natural.

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Clarinet Concerto Copland Concerto ” Mr.

The radio existed to communicate. King Rat also has his reasons for helping and manipulating Saul, but Saul begins to understand who the enemy is and how he might be conquered, leading to the predictable final showdown.

The subject matter is several strands Seems likely that this was inspired by the reading of comic books. Testament The Flies Montag aus Licht. But if he had a paragraph worth of dialogue, chances are, I had to slow down my reading, and would get pulled out a bit to wonder what he was really supposed to sound like versus my miecille attempt at it. I gave up 35 pages into this.

The Piper knows he cannot win a physical fight, so he tears a hole in reality by playing his flute through which he can escape, just as he tore a hole in the mountain to hide the children of Hamelin.

He is insistent, and eventually she complies, despite her fears of being ridiculed by others in the scene, of being some kind of bootleg electronic Jethro Tull. While he’s between interrogations, he’s sprung by King Rat. A typically dark urban story by the author, once again he the displays his mieville of language and combines mystical elements using a backdrop of modern day London.

Jun 17, Nataliya rated it liked it Shelves: King Rat is the king of the rats.

King Rat (MiĆ©ville novel) – Wikipedia

Well anyway, coves, a good read this was. In these descriptions, I could easily understand the fan base he has acquired. It was only when it was seen from these angles that he could believe London was built brick by brick, not born out of its own mind. La idea es muy original view spoiler [que el malo de la historia fuese el flautista de Hamelin me ha encantado! I own every one of his books, each time thinking this will be the one until his unique ocular drill begins to whir and I must hurl the book across the room or be blinded.


This is his debut novel and does not seem to be as widely read or recommended. It lacks the slightly arrogant exceedingly self-confident polishing its later siblings boast.


Gritty, unsettling, and at times plain disgusting, it was all the nasty sub-London I could handle haha. Saul is a particular danger to him, because, being only half-rat, he can’t be swayed by the music as the pure rodents are, and so the Pied Piper wants to kill him.

He traces the sound back to King Rat’s throne room, now filled with dancing and dead rats; who along with King Rat are mesmerised by the music playing on a ghetto blaster.

Chapters Twenty to Twenty-Five 4 6 Jul 19, However, I also felt at times some of his scenes drug on for entirely too long.

The novel doesn’t become tendentious advocacy, but it’s hard to miss the presentation. I can feel him leering at me through his typewriter, shoulders up, breathing hard. Saul Garamond’s come home to London after a camping excursion and finds the place quiet, empty of its usual domestic element.

King Rat je roman sa toliko solidnom strukturom da je ispao predvidiv i dosadan. They pass between towers jutting into miebille sky like long-necked sea beasts and the great gas-cylinders wallowing in dirty scrub like whales. If I had read it first I would not have read any more of his books and I would have missed out on some wonderful reading!


Brainwashed – China Mieville, “King Rat”

His descriptions that jugs fly off the page and already have the same captivating quality that miegille the fans over in ‘Perdido Street Station’: It peppers its pages with rhyming Cockney slang which seriously tries to break my poor brain.

I’m still not quite sure how this is accomplished, nor how Saul mastered this ability, but it seems to freak his friends out and makes for a good scare.

Recommended by all means. Sandwiched between the covers are some really beautiful passages. Saul was not as relatable as I’d hoped, and too much of his backstory was shoved into the beginning of the book, a bit awkwardly.

Saul then gathers his own band of rats and lies about King Rat’s contribution, painting him as a coward and ensuring the rats will never again follow him. The best part of the narrative is when the narrator befriends a homeless woman, which is not explained–but the implication, it seems, is that the narrator, for all the supernaturalism of his situation, is a homeless person, consigned to the sewers, rooftops, and other urban interstices.

And now, with that dreadful sinking feeling, I realize that besides ‘Looking for Jake’ I have no other Mieville books to read. Saul is distraught and baffled. Chapters Nine to Thirteen 21 13 Jul 01, Now, we have to talk about Peake. It’s an approach that comes bursting into gorgeous, mievillle life in his next book Perdido Street Station which I once described to a friend as “Charles Dickens writing a modern fantasy novel, if Dickens was on some serious drugs” The language, which is my major impediment to truly enjoying the author’s works, is much less refined and simpler in this story.