Samira KHOULJI: ENSA, UAE OF TETUAN, MOROCCO Prof. SAID BOUTALEB,FS AGADIR, MOROCCO SAID OUANNASSER, In [8], a branch and bound algorithm to find the global solution indefinite quadratic programming is investigated. Un modèle de composant éducatifs pour des cours adaptatifs sur le Web. Palavras-chave: Mer Noire; Circulation verticale; Chimie marine; Optique Ces prélèvements sont en cours d’analyse au laboratoire afin d’évaluer: 1) les stretching from Agadir to Ifni are sometimes overpopulated while schools are rare in .. However implementing these solutions in practice might have significant. looking for solutions of rather local problems, through its proper Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Physique — Comité d’Application des (6 schools with 4 years cours). About pathologie végétales de l’E.N.S.A.* 3ERGUENT. AGADIR). TARFAYA^. Lagand«. ‘ ^ Centres régionaux de to DRA.

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Cardiometabolic effects in caregivers of nursing home placement and death of their spouse with Alzheimer’s disease. Neural Computing and Appli- cations pp The GI avadir used as an example to decide the location of a new store or store for the benefit of a company or a trader. Preliminary analysis based on heart rate variability. They depend on the position of B i,j according of B 0,0and these filters will allow evaluating the MSE of each studing image restitution.

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Results also indicate that learning styles significantly explain and predict all sub-dimensions of metacognition. The primary objective of hierarchical routing is to maintain effectively the energy consumption of sensor nodes by engaging them in multi-hop dours in a specific cluster and performing data aggregation and fusion in order to reduce the number of messages forwarded to the sink.


Most Natural Language Processing NLP applications use largeaccurately labelled datasets to achieve good performance, but these data sets are hard to obtain. Association for Computational Linguistics, pp Castelfranchi, Y. Allen Newell, Stuart K. The main features of a smart city include a high degree of information technology integration and a comprehensive application of information resources. A critical review of the literature. American Medical Informatics Association. Figure 1 shows the general layout of the IS architecture within a Higher Education institution: More recently, the growth and use of GI was exposed by The implementation of Web-based tools such as Google Earth and the creation of GI resources by volunteers, an example being OpenStreetMap, a web-based cartographic resource.

Realize localization in routing table in wireless networks.

Land Surface Temperature, etc. This is why this paper uses the systemic thinking and simulation tool. Metaheuristics in combinatorial optimization: Reagan, Chronic stress, metabolism, and metabolic syndrome. He is also part of many boards of international journals and international conferences.

Particularly, pharmaceutical companies use SA to ensure they gain a competitive edge through better understanding of patients experiences allowing for more personalization and high responsiveness to consumers on social media. Nash, A computer- based intelligent system form automatic tool selection, Materials and design 22 B. So, they must have integrated mechanisms that compromise offer the possibility to extend the network life at the cost of lower throughput and high transmission delay [3, 4].

An accurate, reliable and almost continuous monitoring of the instantaneous state of the subjects would undoubtedly contribute to a better diagnostic and follow-up. To ensure the efficiency and reusability of metadata, we base ourselves on the OMOS ontology [1], it is based on specific knowledge of African handwritten documents, rather than being indifferent to any ontological commitment and any knowledge, but a vast knowledge base of the descriptive entities is maintained on the Arabic manuscripts.


Deng, Microstrip dualband bandstop filter of defected ground structure and stepped impedance resonators, International Journal of Electronics, Vol.

Belangour, A meta-model for automation of the deduction of judgments relating to Zakat, Dec.

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The first one is about applications integration s field in a university s information system and its relationships with an e-learning platform. A novel neuro fuzzy approach to human emotion determination.

Psychological Influences on Immune Function and Health. The vocabulary of reading and writing.

We will describe social-technical systems, in other words, the interdisciplinary methods of different problems, text comprehension, analysis of the blogosphere or social networks as well as artificial life and robotics: Big Data in all its aspects require new methods and infrastructures to register, analyze and wnsa the meaning.

In addition, we will describe communications protocol between reader and the information system. Section IV presents discussion and comparative study. Data from mobile devices can give a full picture of a person s condition at a level of detail which was previously impossible.