I have finally finished my papercraft danbo, or shall I say danbo pepakura. This model is about 12cm high and only uses 2 sheets of paper. A website blog about papercraft and scale paper model. 18 February 55 Rauf Raphanus Simple Paper Craft Danbo Papercraft. This paper model is a Fedex Danbo, created by KIKILO, and shared by Pedro Perez. You may get this papercraft toy here: Fedex Danbo Free.

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Cut the appropriate figure 12 fold lines and glue the cylinder daanbo was created in step 7. I have finally finished my papercraft danboor shall I say danbo pepakura.

Cut Figure 1, the corresponding folding pattern. Cut also figure 4 and figure 1 the eye holes, and attach pieces of figure 4 in Figure 1 so that her eyes look more real optional. Make 2 cylinders again as step 3, but with images 14, As for his right hand, it was way too loose unlike its left hand. Give the glue on both the teeth and adnbo pieces of figure 7 on each side so as cylinders. After that cut the figure 11 and closed four white lines earlier.


Danbo Papercraft Model

Then fold up the whites. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Attach the arm to the left and right parts that you created in step 5 earlier. Newer Post Older Post Home. Have fun building danbo. Connect the parts are made from step 3 and step 2, thus forming a movable arm see picture. It is part of the arm. Urgh I just realized that I forgot to include instruction guide. Figure 2 Cut and glue, let the better of the foot.

If you’re looking for password then click here or click the FAQ button on navigation menu above. This model is about 12cm high and only uses 2 sheets of paper. Cut 13 and connect it to the 2 cylinder before see picture.

My Danbo Papercraft

Then cut the images 18 and Try to be spinning neck joint profit. If this confused picture no explanation explanation. Cut and glue in Figure 3 upper arm created in step 1.

Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Please refresh if you have already disable ad blocker. Connect the head from step 10 to the neck made in step 9. Then glue the body. And do it like that. First – we prepare all the equipment that we will use.


Glue both sides of the cylinder to the bottom of the body. Cut and paste the pictures 16 piece color white glue. It was then published as figurine by Revoltech Danboard Yotsuba!

Thanks for reminding me.

Danbo Papercraft

During my assembling of danboI did a few mistake like gluing its leg way too close upfront. Took me 6 hours to finish my danboard papercraft project. Danho holes in figure 8 and 3 parts white. Cut out pictures of 17 and 5, then create a cylinder as step 3, then pairs of legs from step 12 and try to get round.