Historico debate;La existencia de Dios Russell VS Copleston:ESPAÑOL en 2D. Sobre la santificacion de la memoria. Find this Pin and more on La Fe. Materia y racionalidad: sobre la existencia de la Idea de Pérez Bertrand Russell y F. C. Copleston: “Debate sobre la existencia de Dios”. Existencia e identidad: especificación frente a descripción de un dominio.A. Arrieta Bertrand Russell y F. C. Copleston: “Debate sobre la existencia de Dios “.

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Take, for instance, G. Then, if you’re prepared to say that, then I think you must have some criterion of feeling, at any rate. History sobrre Western Philosophy. Would you agree that if there is no God — no absolute Being — there can be no absolute values?

But when you get what one might call the pure type, say St.

Debate Sobre La Existencia De Dios by Bertrand Russell (2 star ratings)

Isn’t it because he’s in the minority? I think that the recognition of this ideal moral order is part of the recognition of contingency. The fact that I wouldn’t do it doesn’t really bear on this question we’re discussing. This entry has no external links. But what I’d say is that the best explanation seems to be the not purely subjectivist explanation. I remember Julian Huxley in some lecture saying that religious experience, or mystical experience, is as much a real experience as falling in love or appreciating poetry and art.

However, you say, I think, that it is illegitimate to raise the question of what will explain the existence of any particular object. It is only true a posteriori through our experience of the world that we come to a knowledge of the existence of that Being. There are some people who ezistencia everything is yellow, there are people suffering from jaundice, and I don’t agree with these people. It’s my opinion that the perception of values and the consciousness of moral law and obligation are best explained through the hypothesis of a transcendent ground of value and of an author of the moral law.


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Debate Sobre La Existencia De Dios

I think we have to argue coplesron the world of experience to God. The physicist presupposes, at least tacitly, that there is some sense in investigating nature and looking for the causes of events, just as the detective presupposes that there is some sense in looking for the cause of a murder.

But I do not think that people have claimed to have experienced Satan in the precise way g which mystics claim to have experienced God.

Sobre la Existencia de Dios. No, but I think that the good effect would attest your veracity in describing your experience. That seems to be an experience of the same sort as coplestob experience of God, and I don’t seek that from what mystics tell us you can get any argument for God which is not equally an argument for Satan.

And, in fact, only to such as are analytic — that is to say — such as it is self-contradictory to deny. You maintain, I think, that existing beings are simply there, and that I have no justification for raising the question of the explanation of their existence.


Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal from index Translate to english Revision history. I wouldn’t imitate the conduct of a mad dog. But I would like to point out that this position cannot be substantiated by logical analysis; it expresses a philosophy which itself stands in need of proof.

Wonfilio Trejo, Russell: descripcion y existencia – PhilPapers

That’s what we can do with ourselves and nothing more. Nowadays it’s become old and respectable, and you don’t have to make so much fuss about it. Well, it seems to me debte the scientist does make some such assumption. That is, of beings no one of which can account for its own existence.

Find it on Scholar. The statement that there isn’t any cause should come, if it comes at all, at the end of the inquiry, not the beginning. I quite agree, of course, that people have imagined or thought they have heard of seen Satan.

Request removal from index. Moreover, the statement that the world is simply there if in answer to a question, presupposes that the question has meaning. Eliana Silva – – Inquietude 3 1: I don’t think you’d say that, would you?

Would you agree with me that the problem of God is a problem of great importance? This entry has no external links.