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There is some Assault Rifle Ammo on the nearby bookstand to the left of the figure. Why are you doing this to me!? While walking away, pick up the nearly invisible Spear by the left metal piece on the wall – watch for Travis to look over at it. I just want to understand The stage has to be decorated a bit in order to make Otherworld more lively on the other side of the mirror.

Save this “Special Save File” and it will retain all of your accolades accomplishments for that file and allow you start from the beginning of the game and make use of your unlocked outfits and items.

Travis find the local hospital on the map It wasn’t healthy, son. Scan the room over for the rest of the items then leave and enter Room Do not trust her, Travis.

Are you doing this? On a chair in the Otherworld Male Seclusion Amber Basement Report Area: Walk down the hallway to the left and open the set of doors at the end. Travis will eventually crawl into another room. Walk through the gates then open the hospital entrance doors on the right. There are several sillent items along the sides of the theater.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Take out your most powerful weapon – preferably the assault rifle or redeemer and shoot him whenever he is not attacking. An Ariel will attack in each of the rooms on the way to the both detonadi save point and the Men’s Dressing Room. In Roomnotice how the 12th day is circled in red on the calendar – this has some significance for something later.


Save your game then leave the Diner by stepping out the east door. Patient with knives 2. Received automatically after the cutscene where Travis wakes on a bench in Silent Hill Hospital Map Area: Here’s a few other things you should know about this walkthrough: Use the mirror in that Women’s Restroom in order to go to Otherworld sielnt exit the room.

Kaufman as they hurriedly dress in the bedroom when he walks further into the room. You may want to save your game in the Employee Parking area. Well, I have to run. The woman looks at Travis then leans back against the side of the building. My old lady keeps me fully informed of my failings. The only time where you will want to save rifle ammo is while moving through the building where Travis first finds this weapon.

Silent Hill Origins – Walkthrough/guide

Be sure to find all the items lying around on the way there. The key inside will go down the drain – it will appear in another area later. I just want to play the pinball. Exit the corridor afterward and enter the East Basement Storage Room.

The door to the Archives in the north is locked for now. After beginning the game — a radio conversation Travis: She’s really worked you over, hasn’t she? When do we get to look inside your sick little mind?


Rooms 1, 3, and 5 can be entered. Use it for normal enemies and don’t worry too much about ammo. The people in the mirrors. Gas suddenly rises up from the ground around Travis origons causes him to cough. There is no sudden burst of random dialogue on the stage nor a disturbingly playful Lisa in the Auditorium this time, but be sure to look out for the Ariel that will be in close contact with Travis detonaddo he enters the Storage Room – smack it upside the head with a hammer or meat hook.

How is this even possible? Room ‘s feature may only be seen the first time upon peeping – look to the left on the others side of the door.

Every Health Drink counts on your first playthrough in this game, so be sure to horde them now. Defeat or run by the Twoback and open the door silenf Room There is a metal object inside of the washing machine, but it must first go through a certain cycle before the machine will open.

Travis watches the ground rot around him as Alessa’s hatred and pain spread throughout the streets of Silent Hill and engulf the town in a living darkness. Examine the mirror and Travis will make a comment that the other side appears different.