Nov 24, Download a PDF version of the Axon Digidata Digitizer User Manuals. Axon Digidata B Axon Digidata A Digitizer User’s Guide. Nov 9, When I try to install the Digidata A under WinXP, I seem to be stuck in a loop . The Found New Hardware Wizard keeps appearing, and the. Nov 9, I think the wrong SCSI driver is loaded for the Digidata A. I cannot configure the digitizer, and it does not appear in the Windows Device.

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Thanks for the response. Works, clean, very good; previously owned, used. Is the A still for sale? Does anyone have an Axon Digidata A for 1322a Page 18 Instruments if the problem persists. If you can reproduce a problem by following a series of steps using software, record these steps so that we can reproduce the problem.

Page 13 We recommend that the Digidata A be calibrated whenever there is a change in the environment, such as moving it to another room or installing digidat on another computer. Chapter 2 Installation If you have a Digidata A or B system that you still wish to use, it is OK to leave the old Digidata board in the computer and to leave DriverLinx installed diigdata the Digidata A installation.


Please let me know.

Page 10 Tighten the Side Bracket set screws up against the side panels. He was using pClamp 9. After following these steps, call Axon Instruments at or send e-mail to: It was used in a research lab shut down now and I came across it from a friend. Don’t have an account? In clean and fully operational condition, this Axon Digidata A is a high-resolution bit data acquisition system that is self-contained and communicates with the host computer via a SCSI bus.

Yes, I am still interested. Chapter 1 Introduction The Digidata A has higher speed, lower noise and better resolution greater dynamic range than the previous Digidata models. Secure the entire unit in the rack a. Products returned to our factory for repair must be properly packaged with transportation charges prepaid and the shipment fully insured.

There are two LEDs: The initial Digital Out levels can also be set high or low by clicking on the check boxes above the numbers corresponding to each digital output a check means high, blank means low.

Place the unit Digidata A plus the attached rack mount assembly in the rack.

Multiple installations of Digidata A on Windows XP

If it is determined your instrument must return to the factory for repair, the Technical Support Representative will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization RMA number. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Nevertheless, researchers should independently verify the basic accuracy of the instrument using suitable test signals. Digidafa, The digidata A is.

  IPC 610D PDF

At the end of installation, a prompt asks if you want to reboot. Secure the Rack Mount Panel to the rack with four rack screws not included. Hi Sludge Apologies I’ve been locked out and I’ve had to create a new account. The Digidata A does not include a programmable digitizer gain.

TTL compatible Digital Outputs: If you have a Digidata A or B system that you still wish to use, it is OK to leave the old Digidata board in the computer and to leave 1322aa installed during the Digidata A installation. The Rack Mount Kit includes the following parts Please email me with your contact info and we can chat that way.

Digidata A: Windows Device Manager list my device as a PatchXpress

Please contact me directly. I’l have to check out a few things first as we’re in the UK and I’ll get back to you very soon.

Hi ‘Sludge’ Thanks for the response. Number of input channels: Before You Call 5.

Enter text from picture: Trigger Output This is a pin female-type connector with the following pin assignments: HC compatible Output current: