Dragonmarked houses are organizations in the fictional Eberron campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game that are based on . Dragonmarks are elaborate skin patterns that grant spellcasting abilities. Each type of mark is tied to families that control a different industry or trade in Eberron. How do you guys like the new take on Dragonmarks as Variant races and Subraces?.

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Beneath these come the standard hirelings of the house, whose titles are simply descriptive. Well, now we venture into the realm of house rules. Lyrandar has tremendous ambition. Once, in my campaign, i had this Lyrandar heir comissioned to infiltrate the Twelve and sabotage some Cannith ultrasecret project. The concept of magic as an industrial force is at the heart of the Eberron campaign setting, and the dragonmarked houses are an integral ebereon of that.

Dragonmarks 5/1: The Dragonmarked Houses

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Customers, dragonmarked heirs, and guild members with no family connections ebedron cross paths here. The Shadow Network is a guild of entertainers and artists, including many of the finest performers in Khorvaire. Bound businesses are essentially franchises, and the nature of the services they offer are dictated by the guild.

Dragonmarks: The Dragonmarked Houses, pt 2 |

Dragonmarks are seen only on the peoples living on Khorvaire. The existing 4E version of the dragonmarks allow the person who possesses a dragonmark to perform certain rituals without the ritual caster feat. Medani inquisitives handle complex cases for wealthy clients; Tharashk inquisitives solve basic problems for a broader client base.


Now, Medani has been called out as providing exceptional service at drsgonmarked unusually low rate to Breland, based in part on the friendship of Boranel and the patriarch. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

The aberrant marks do not manifest identically each time therefore it is possible for two individuals with eberro different looking marks to produce the same magical effect using the mark.

When the Kingdom of Galifar was shattered, every nation needed the services eberrin the dragonmarked houses. Houses often arrange marriages eberton marks in mind. Depending on your edition, a mark provides you with a variety of concrete benefits. Guild Membership Each of the three types of guild membership reflects a different connection to a dragonmarked house.

Special provisions are made for House Deneith, which has the right to assemble military forces for mercenary service. I add a few things to this. They are considered to be the foremost experts in dragonshards and best known for the invention of everbright lanterns, lightning rail and the race of eberon. One of the first dragonmarks to manifest, the Mark of Death was also the first dragonmark lost. Any race capable of dragonmarkrd a dragonmark. Often the mark will manifest first as dragonmarker least mark and through study and focus the bearer increases his power and with this increase the dragonmark also increases granting additional abilities.

With that said, assimilation is always the preferred path. Loss of Cannith brings mass production of common goods and primary creation of magical goods to a halt. Bound businesses display the guild seal in silver, and the names of many bound businesses are as well known as the houses themselves. I generally provide one of the lowest level rituals associated with the mark to the character for free.

They may be contradicted by canon Eberron sourcebooks — go with what you like. Most Jorasco healers have the mark and nothing else.


Over the next few centuries, the families began to communicate with one another, with the leaders of Sivis and Cannith taking the greatest initiative. It is unpredictable and unexplained despite steady research by top minds across Khorvaire.

Now for a perennial question… Also, what happened to Cyre, really? The merchant might become the victim of a campaign slandering his skills. When people are paying 50 gp for a potion of cure light wounds, few of them will take a chance on any vendor not displaying a House Jorasco banner.

The Dragonmarked Houses | Kingmaker in Eberron | Obsidian Portal

This was the biggest change I saw in 4E Eberron, and I really disliked it. You must have a personal Canon, right? It still requires time and components note that I consider residuum to be the highest grade of refined Eberron dragonshards — the basic fuel of the magical economybut the power is part of the mark. Favoring one country over another has simple economic consequences. Will the other marks start migrating too?

In the beginning, the Twelve played a critical role in shaping the dragonmarked houses, but as the houses have grown in power and spread across the land, its influence has diminished. As opposed to the crystal theaterthis is essentially an instrument requiring skilled users.

For more than a thousand years, the dragonmarked houses have stood at the forefront of commerce, magical innovation, and culture dragonmrked Khorvaire. Although most halflings are nomadic, the members of House Ghallanda operate an impressive number of entertainment institutions, all over Khorvaire.