Nine Princes in Amber (English). 0 references. series · The Chronicles of Amber. 1 reference. imported from . edit. plwikiquote Dziewięciu książąt Amberu. Zesłany do Cieni poprzez czas i przestrzeń bohater budzi się pewnego dnia w szpitalu na Ziemi. Nie pamięta własnej (ISBN). Zostało jeszcze trochę klasyki, którą przydało by się poznać. Na wakacje zaplanowałem sobie Kroniki Amberu. Nie wiem jeszcze czy zapoznam się z całą serią.

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This thing has more twists and turns ksiazzt the pattern itself. Starting this was a leap of faith. They killed everyone but me. Pure, undiluted brilliant fantasy.

Dziewięciu książąt Amberu – Roger Zelazny • BookLikes (ISBN)

Page abandoned So I read parts 1 and 2, and I’m around halfway, but I don’t want to do it anymore. The world building multi-verse building?

I think the biggest problem with these books is that Zelazny decided to tell the story from the perspective of a single character. Nine Princes in Amber 2. The whole story could have been shrinked into pages but no, the whole Chronicles is like pages of boredom told in first person perspective which “per se” is boring!

Yet, not everyone can take that chair. I found the first book kind of slow, but it started to get more interesting near the end, so I thought it was just a slow start to set up the maberu story.


However, this is not fantasy in the traditional sense; at times this reads as a crime thriller or murder mystery, where one has to solve the clues together to work out the culprit. The prose has all the refinement of 50 ksiazxt sandpaper. Let me start first with… our narrator himself, Corwin! Nothing is ever what it seems. Zelazny is willing to show you -anything- he can dream up, and his imagination alone is worthy of deeming this collection a classic.

That really dziewiecku a pointless exercise; in my opinion these books should be read as a whole or not at all. They were all very enjoyable and addicting but they don’t dziwieciu stand on their own. Amber isn’t so much a fantasy story as a huge multi-layered mystery. As the series have been publ Let me just start by saying that I cannot remember how many times I have re-read these books.

The tone utterly changes from “I’d probably have surrendered” to “at me they threw nets”.

View all 25 comments. I can see that this will be It is more than the sum of its parts. I nicked him and the kisazat flowed. He doesn’t go that far in this one Despite his memory loss, his wits slip him out of captivity and into the home of his sister, where he slowly tries to piece his history together.


Corey wakes up with amnesia after a nasty car crash and sets out to recover his memory and then to take back what he sees as his. Secondly, the Amber universe.

Roger Zelazny

This is a fast paced, character-driven kziazat full of intrigue and suspense. The Chronicles of AmberAmber: Proud steeds, bright metal, soft lips, dark ale. It starts with Corey not remembering anything. Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny I promise that I don’t set out to be unimpressed by the spectacularly popular and beloved books that my GR friends all give five stars.

Apart from some decent ideas here and there, this is an extremely mediocre series. Pretty sure I missed my stop on the tube due to reading. How is this series so highly rated? The dynamics in the scene when all the remaining siblings For me, this series started stronger than it finished.