The Book of Azazel has 51 ratings and 7 reviews: Published by Nephilim Press, pages, Hardcover. The Book of Azazel – E A Koetting. Uploaded by thezodiac .. friend and mentor Eric, otherwise known as E.A. Koetting, the au thor of this current work. “Eric?”. Find great deals for E a Koetting The Book of Azazel Black Magick Grimoire. EA Koetting / Book of Azazel The Grimoire of the Damned 1st ed Nephilim Press .

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Thank you for your comments, Mr.

E a Koetting The Book of Azazel Black Magick Grimoire

It is for reasons like this that I opted not to purchase this book that has been so carefully and thoroughly reviewed. Lists with This Book.

A very sad realisation is dawming upon many of us who were initially drawn to Mr Koetting’s writing and work. Throughout the book Azazel’s words are printed in red. My conversations with Mr. The book includes a red ribbon bookmark. His work, and the work of the others you mentioned, are of very high caliber. Though sadly, whenever one deals with anything of a spiritual nature there will always be false gurus ready to take advantage others.

I admit the whole thing looks rather sketchy.

But people such as the many authors whose books you review so very well are going to be asking themselves: I enjoyed perusing your the examples given in your response. This edition is the first deluxe edition published by Nephilim Press.

Many people myself included are also fascinated by the art of the insane. Anatel, Retzael, and Malkash. I suspect a few of these are written to be used as props, or perhaps they are intentional hoaxes, like the Simon Necronomicon.

Jun 21, Ankh Cross rated it really liked it. Robert rated it it was amazing Aug 09, For my own part I have chosen to give a wide berth od a man I once felt had promise in the occult because he has shown himself to be an azaze whose feet are made of clay. Jung’s idea bok collective unconsciousness is not ‘pseudoscience’ or any kind of science.


It should be noted that subsequent deluxe editions from Nephilim Press have included titles on their spines. My Dearest Peter, A ” true magician” is no magician at all. Pages are light cream colored a nice shade that is easy on the eye and of moderate weight.

The Book of Azazel: The Grimoire of the Damned

Return to Book Page. Apart from being a disgusting practice for a so called occultist to be involved in it does bring into question the claims made by Mr Koetting regarding his power. It’s a method bool establishing contact with objectively existing non-physical beings, and pseudoscientific theorising about a “subconscious” or “collective unconscious” as if this offered a more “rational” explication of the matter than the traditional belief in the reality of spirits smacks of irony.

Sandy rated it liked it Jan 02, There is no excuse for that save for the azaze, of magickal skill to manifest said monies and outright greed. The books and their authors are too many to mention but among them are the entire works of ixaxaar’s temple of black light, the works of daniel schulke and andrew chumbley, paul huson, llewellyn, michael cecchettelli, david rankine etc etc. Was this a common attitude for someone around the turn of the century, and if so, is this an excuse for holding such distasteful beliefs?

It is then, a sad irony that Mr Koetting chooses to collaborate with the person running the sacred magick website, they are business partners, upon which over books have been showcased as pirated, read for that stolen, pdfs.


I do appreciate your point of view Mr Balkan but it has raised questions over your stance on a matter that is plainly and simply a matter of stealing. Todd Woodward rated it liked it Apr 20, The grimoire shows some promise. Further to that is known that Mr Kkoetting is not only in business with the person running this site but cares not that his fellow authors’ work is subject to such prostitution.

I too have enjoyed our exchange, and am very pleased to see such matters addressed by people I consider koftting be off to the occult fraternity. On the extreme end of the spectrum, I admire the azazzel works of German poet, Gottfried Benn, even though he was a Nazi doctor.

This was done for two reasons. The other theory is that forms are seen via the brain’s imaginative power, a process called ‘matrixing’ — basically interpreting recognizable shapes in clouds.

The Book of Azazel: The Grimoire of the Damned by E.A. Koetting

Chris Stokes rated it it was amazing Apr 18, To answer your central question regarding the theft of copyrighted material, for it appears I was unclear: I am as real as the world around you, which is not real at all. Information has been distributed throughout the pages of the fo that is invisible to the human eye.

Unfortunately, the spine is left blank and without title or publishers mark, a feature I feel would have benefited the book greatly. In fact, unless their work is just for show, why should we expect anything less?

Preview — The Book of Azazel by E.