ECE R80 describes two alternative test procedures to validate occupant safety of bus seats. Static loads are applied or the seats have to fulfill dynamic. ECE R80 – 关于客车座椅以及客车针对座椅结构的UNECE法规,此为法规的原始 版本以及对该版本的一些列修订和勘误。 对本法规的第2次修订已经. R Strength of seats and their anchorages for M2 and/or M3 http://www.

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Seat, Belt & Anchorage Test System | ECE-R14, ECE-R80 & FMVSS

The surface resting against the parts of the seat shall be made of a material the hardness of which is not less than 80 Shore A. As the case may be, the approval mark shall be placed on the seat or seats or on, or close to, the data plate affixed to the vehicle by the manufacturer. A line through the “H” point sight buttons shall be parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the longitudinal centreplane of the seat; Adjust the feet and leg positions of the 3 DH machine as follows: Reposition the 3 DH machine on the seat by one of the following methods: Two spirit levels orient the device in space.

The seat need not be an approved seat provided that it satisfies the requirements of paragraph 5. Care shall be exercised in holding the T-bar and rocking the 3 DH machine to ensure that no inadvertent exterior loads are applied in a vertical or fore and aft direction; The feet of the 3 DH machine are not to be restrained or held during this step.

Thank you efe purchasing our products, if you are in the course of the product have any quality or technical questions, please feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to provide you spare parts supply and technical support. Requirements for a vehicle type Number of report issued by that service: The co-ordinates of the “H” point are measured with respect to the three-dimensional reference system; The actual torso angle is read at the back angle quadrant of the 3 DH machine with the probe in its fully rearward position; If a t80 of the installation of the 3 DH machine is desired, the seat assembly should remain unloaded for a minimum period of 30 min prior to the re-run.


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Subsequent numbers shall be assigned to other countries in the chronological order in which they ratify or accede to the Agreement concerning the Adoption of Uniform Conditions of Approval and Reciprocal Recognition of Approval for Motor Vehicle Equipment and Parts, and the numbers thus assigned shall be communicated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Contracting Parties to the Agreement. No part of the seat, the seat mountings or the accessories becomes completely detached during the test; The seat remains firmly held, even if one or more anchorages is partly detached, and all the locking systems remain locked during the whole duration of the test; After the test no structural part of the seat or accessories has any fracture or sharp or pointed edges or corners likely to cause any bodily injury.

A detailed description of the seat, its attachment fittings and its adjustment, displacement and locking systems; Drawings, on an appropriate scale and in sufficient detail, of the seat, its attachment fittings and adjustment, displacement and locking systems; For approval of a vehicle: Two seats representative of the type to be approved, in the case of approval of a seat, 2.

Apply lower leg and thigh weights and level the 3 DH machine; Tilt the back pan forward against the forward stop and draw the 3 DH machine away from the seat-back using the T-bar. List of reference data 3.

The holder of the approval shall in particular: Arrangement of the approval mark for a seat “S” The above approval mark affixed to a seat shows that the seat type concerned has, with regard to the strength of the seats, the exe being carried out in accordance with paragraph 3 of annex 4, been approved in the Netherlands E4 under number The three-dimensional reference system is defined by three orthogonal planes established by the vehicle manufacturer see figure.

During this lifting, the feet are to be free to rotate; and no forward or lateral loads are to be applied. SCOPE This Regulation applies ecw vehicles constructed for the carriage of more than sixteen passengers, in addition to the driver and crew, in respect efe An adjustable thigh bar, attached to the seat pan, establishes the thigh centreline and serves as a baseline for the hip angle quadrant.


This place shall be: This operation shall be performed twice, without the torso moving, the head shall be placed in a position such that the platform supporting the measuring instruments contained in the head is horizontal and that the median sagittal plane of the head is parallel to that of the vehicle.

The co-ordinates of the “R” point and the “H” point are established in relation to the fiducial marks defined by the vehicle manufacturer.

Brief description of the vehicle type according to its anchorages and minimum value of the distance between the anchorages: The initial position of each seating position of each of the forms shall be determined by bringing the test devices into contact with the seat with a force equal to at least 20 N.

The machine corresponds to that described in ISO Standard There shall be affixed, conspicuously and in a readily accessible place specified on the approval form, to every seat conforming to a seat type ede under this Regulation and to every vehicle conforming to a vehicle type approved under this Regulation an international approval mark consisting of: Not exactly what you want?

Seating positions are identified by a two-digit code.

Pulse Test – DIAdem Help – National Instruments

Each cylindrical surface shall be equipped dce at least one force transducer able to measure the forces applied in the direction defined in paragraph 3. Trade ecr or mark of the vehicle: When there is more than one type of anchorage on a vehicle, each variant shall be tested in order to obtain approval for the vehicle. Each manikin required shall be installed on a seat in accordance with the following procedure: Shipped in 15 days after payment. Furthermore, the average deceleration shall be comprised between 6.