One of the important theses in this book is that the common idea of channeling, as an experience in which one completely loses oneself to a separate entity. Millions have turned to the teachings of Edgar Cayce, the most documented and accurate psychic in American history. Edgar Cayce on Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed. Online Spiritual Book Club. Online Spiritual Book Club. Chapter Summaries by Julie Geigle, MA.

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It’s usually our very first thought, feeling, or image. Perception is a creative act.

An ideal is a precursor of an idea. Take your time, and when you feel the heaviness in both arms, move on to the legs. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The dreams that follow can be surprisingly helpful. Pearlli rated it really liked it Nov 18, Identifying the Spirit Who Speaks. Compare this to A Course in Miracles, which states that troubled dreams are a sign of holding the insane illusion of separation from God.

It’s also useful in meditation to focus the attention on the concept of raising the consciousness-not out of the body, but finding a place that feels “higher within. It’s helpful to make a recording of your own voice, narrating the steps you go through, so that, as you are practicing your self-hypnosis, you don’t have to do anything during the process.


They do not know anything about the problem the person has. The Best Books of We continually channel energy, our love, our ideas, our ideals, our actions into channrling life as we would have it.

Cayce said, “Pray cajce, as if everything depended on God, but work hard, as if everything depended on you!

Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self by Henry Reed

If you have difficulty remembering dreams, a good technique is to take time every morning to write your onn as soon as you wake up, before getting out of bed. Jerry Mcdaniel rated it it was amazing Sep 25, At one point, they trained another group of people to create another “ghost,” with similar results.

Feb 21, Linda Anderson rated it really liked it.

Cayce often emphasized the importance of attuning to the higher self, while remaining cayve. Chapter 14 Being Yourself: Shifting our consciousness from the thinking “I” to the internal witness is a step toward channeling.

Teri Uktena rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Begin in a comfortable position.

Henry uses for himself an image of rising up on a blue flame. Comparing the differences from one source to another can reveal which information comes from the superconscious. This text presents Edgar Cayce’s teachings, aiming to show readers how to channel their ideal, higher selves into their daily lives and how to exeperience information passed on from one realm to another. This is the subconscious mode. Imagine meeting your ideal in a special place. Cayce also spoke of a Temple Beautiful in ancient Egypt.


It is also possible for a person to become “possessed” by a “spirit of evil. Choose your ideal carefully, because, through meditation, patterns are created, not only in the thinking, but also in the shape of your life; and even in every cell of the body.

Look within for intuition. No trivia or quizzes yet. It brings up some amazing things to try. Imagination is far more important than most people realize. I’ve been channeling for more than twenty years, but still find much value in this little book. The following period of sleep would often bring profoundly meaningful dreams. Thus, we receive what we give. Having experienced autowriting before, I can understand how the most important thing about channeling is to remember who you are and trust in it.

Search WWW Search www. It was a place for healing through music, aromatic baths, dance, etc.

Edgar Cayce On Channeling Your Higher Self

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Write what you know about the problem, and what you intend to do. Don’t overlook the step of evaluating guidance from a practical perspective: It covers many topics besides the Higher-Self.