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The cross T on which those condemned to death were crucified, was called Tau by the Phoenicians and the Hebrews, and this name desenmascsrado sign for it was afterwards taken over into the alphabet of the Jews and of the Greeks and the Romans. Rabbi Jehoschua said that he was conceived during menstruation, ben niddah.

EL TALMUD : El libro primitivo y, anti-occidental

You are thus called men, but not the Nokhrim. They are with us still in this Fourth Captivity, namely, the Princes [of Rome].

We have sinned against our God, and have taken strange wives [ nokhrioth ] of the people of the earth. These texts, however, which I have quoted should be sufficient to demonstrate how false are the statements of the Jews when they claim that there is nothing in the Talmud which teaches hatred and enmity for Christians.

Kokhabh— star; on account of the four rays emanating from it. Christian prayers for the Jews. They hold that, besides the written law which Moses received from God on Mount Sinai on tables of stone, which is called Torah Schebiktabhe also received interpretations of it, or the oral law, which is called Torah Shebeal Peh.

And sometimes even when their neighbors’ wives are at home, they prefer to fornicate with the animals; for they love the sheep of the Israelites more than their own women. As to the origin of the Talmud, the Rabbis 6 regard Moses as its first author. These contain dissertations on stars and planets and the status of nations.

They are therefore all unclean and they pollute all who come in contact with them. The Seducer and Idolator could teach nothing but falsehood and heresy which was irrational and impossible to observe. How is it done? The teaching of the Jews is that God created two natures, one good and the other evil, or one nature with two sides, one clean and the other unclean.

The Jerusalem version, which, on account of its brevity and obscurity, is not much used; and the Babylonian version, which has been held in the highest esteem by Jews desdnmascarado all times.

The reason is because a distinction can be made between a place into which an idol will be carried in order to leave tallmud there permanently, and a place where it will not be left permanently, in which case it is allowed.


Pranaĭtīs, I. B. (I︠U︡stīn Bonaventura) -1917

Remain here with the ass, that is, with a people like an ass. Rabbi Meir, however, says that it is not allowed even when others are present. Destroy the memory of the Amalekites.

Let the nations investigate the habitations of the children of Israel, and of their own accord convince themselves of what they are really like! There are some who say that this holds only when the Akum offer help free, and that it can be accepted every time it is paid for. This book was accepted by the Jews everywhere and was recognized as their authentic code of law. I considered it unworthy of me to keep silent just for the sake of my own personal safety while the conflict rages between the two camps of “Semites” and “Anti Semites,” both of which claim they are fighting for the truth, while I know that the whole truth is not to be found in either desenmascaradp.

For this reason, in more recent editions of the Talmud 37 the use of the word Goi is purposely avoided and other words desenmascwrado non-Jews are substituted. Supposed to have not a literal but allegorical meaning. Treats of the Feast of New Year. In the preceding chapter we saw what the Jews think of the Founder of the Christian religion, and how much they despise his name.

dedenmascarado Hagah says ‘The Bethin has the power to excommunicate such a one until he release his Jewish brother from the hands of the Gentile. For they are the children of the ancient serpent which seduced Eve. For example, if you see one of them fall into the sea, do not pull him out unless he promises to give you money. All Twlmud to be killed 5. Nor must sheep be left to desenmascxrado care of their shepherds; nor must any intercourse be had with them; nor must children be given into their care to learn to read or to learn a trade.

Come near, ye nations, to hear. It treats of seeds, fruits, herbs, trees; of the public and domestic use of fruits, of different seeds, etc.

EL TALMUD : El libro primitivo y, anti-occidental – Hitos de la historia

Legal marriage with them was impossible. A Jew is commanded to harm Christians wherever he can, both indirectly by not helping them in any way, and also directly by wrecking their plans and projects; neither must he save a Christian who is in danger of death. Treats of the mode of writing the books of the law. For when Rome is destroyed, Israel shall cesenmascarado redeemed.


They say that they are idolaters, the worst kind of people, much worse than the Turks, murderers, fornicators, impure animals, like dirt, unworthy to be called men, beasts in human form, worthy desenmascararo the name of beasts, talmudd, asses, pigs, dogs, worse than dogs; that they propagate after the manner of beasts, that they have diabolic origin, that their souls come from the devil and return to the devil in hell after death; and that even the body of a dead Christian is nothing different from that of an animal.

The present attitude of the Roman Catholic Church toward the Jew, as desenmasvarado as that of Mussolini, is of much interest for the latter has revived the age old disabilities of the Church against the Jews. Since, however, it is not possible to observe all these rules in every place, the Hagah says that they can be overlooked to a certain extent when, desenmascsrado instance, it is to the advantage of a Jew to do so; for example, if a Jew would profit by a trade which requires a certain kind of dress.

The Talmud Unmasked

Sometimes, but very rarely, Israelites are called by this name. Likewise if an Akum or a servant enter into matrimony with a Jew, the marriage is null. Nor is it permitted to wear clothes like the Akumnor to comb the hair as they do Basar Vedam —Flesh and blood; carnal men who are destined to perdition and desenmaacarado can have no communion with Dl.

Some Christian festivals are mentioned by name, such as the feast of Christmas and Easter. Jews cannot be merchants, Tax Collectors, or agents in the buying and selling of the produce and goods of Christians, nor their Procurators, Computers or Lawyers in matrimonial matters, nor Obstetricians; nor can they have association or partnership with Christians.

But in the eleventh century others desenmascarzdo further additions to the Talmud. Thus it is plain that they regard all contact with Christians as contaminating and talmuv detracting from their dignity. Tsurath Haattalui— the image who was hanged. XXVII, 63 13 cf. And even if he admits that he only intended to do harm to somebody, and if the harm which he intended is not very great, it is sufficient to have him condemned to death.

For, a Jew who shaves his beard commits five sins, because of its five star-shaped points— cf. Die Polemik und das Manschenopfer des Rabbinismus.