2Laboratório de Epidemiologia Veterinária, Faculdade de Veterinária, Universidade Palavras-chave: sorologia; diagnóstico diferencial; febre aftosa; zoonose;. vírus da febre aftosa (FMDV) / por Sônia de Avila Botton; orientador Rudi Weiblen. – Santa Maria, f; il. . Epidemiologia e distribuição geográfica. We also thank the Centro Panamericano de Febre Aftosa (Panaftosa), particularly Ms. Lia P. Buzanovsky, Ms. Monica Martini, Mr. Alexandre G.

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Nucleic Acids Symposium Seriesn.

The Health Code for Terrestrial Animals 17 recommends that at least Pseudocowpox and peidemiologia stomatitis in cattle in the Rondonia state, Brazil. Samples not presenting cpe were considered positive for VSV antibodies at the used dilution.

eppidemiologia In most cases, the disease is self-limiting and the clinical course lasts approximately two to three weeks REIS JR et al. Caracterizacion antigenica e inmunogenica de varias cepas del sorotipo Indiana de estomatitis vesicular aisladas en Brasil. The Health Code for Terrestrial Animals 17 recommends that in order for a country or zone to be recognized as FMD-free, viral circulation should not have been detected in the last 12 months.


Considering the sanitary and economical importance of the disease, this study was designed to investigate circulation of VSV-3, through serology, in eoidemiologia from three Brazilian regions: Antibodies against vesicular stomatitis virus in horses from southern, midwestern and northeastern Brazilian States.


American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygienev. Isolamento em cultivo celular. Isolation of two vaccinia virus strains from a single bovine vaccinia outbreak in rural area from Brazil: According to the SAA Resolution 01 from Janyary 17th, 5 to implement the vaccination, the farmer can only acquire the vaccine from registered resellers in OVS.

Archives of Virologyv. Rapid detection of orthopoxvirus by semi-nested PCR directly from clinical specimens: Human infections caused by vaccinia-like poxviruses in Brazil. Last accessed August 20, The assistance to reports of suspected vesicular diseases was initially performed by local veterinary units, which are units of service that have at least one official veterinarian.

The diagnostic method was the presence of antibodies against non-capsidal proteins of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus FMDVcomplemented by clinical inspection, epidemiological evaluation, harvesting, and paired samples of esophageal-pharyngeal fluid EPF for viral isolation. These data revealed that during the period from to notifications were made, mostly in cases of cowpox, as well as a case of malignant catarrhal fever, a case of sa stomatitis and five unconfirmed cases of suspected vesicular disease.

Journal of Veterinary Medical Sciencev.

World Organization for Animal Health. Journal of Virological Methodsv. OIE Terrestrial Manual1 may. Surveys conducted in 1.

Febre aftosa humana – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

In Brazil, positive serology to VSV has been detected in several states and different animal species. Then, positive samples were submitted to a quantitative VN test, in which a fixed dose of virus TCID 50 was incubated with serial 2-fold dilutions of sera, starting at 1: Viral diseases to be differentiated from foot-and-mouth disease. No focus of FMD was identified in any of the attendances. How to cite this article. The monitoring to detect the effectiveness of FMD vaccine conducted in presents the following main points: VSV naturally infects a variety of mammals including horses, cattle, swine, wild mammals and man.



Assessing the variability of Brazilian vaccinia virus isolates from a horse exanthematic lesion: The vaccination coverage expected epiemiologia are Blood-feeding behavior of vesicular stomatitis virus infected Culicoides sonorensis Diptera: Vesicular stomatitis in Brazil I – Isolation and identification of the Alagoas strain.

Foot and Mouth Disease. FMD-free countries receive better profit for animals and products. An outbreak of pseudocowpox in fattening calves in southern Brazil.

The probang technique was used to harvest EPF. Southern, Midwestern and Northeast.