View and Download Epson EBWI user manual online. EBWI Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. Epson . View and Download Epson EB-U32 user manual online. Multimedia. EB-U32 Projector pdf manual download. Also for: Projector Epson EB-W8D User Manual. EPSON EBW – Data-video-projector, LCD technology, resolution: WXGA Soft-Tragetasche, Software, Password Protect Sticker, Bedienungsanleitung.

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Use this to carry the projector by hand. Projecting Two Images Simultaneously To select an input source for the other image, select the Source setting, Depending on the video input signals, the images may not press [Enter], select the input source, select Execute, and press [Enter]. Image Shape You can project an even, rectangular image by placing the projector directly Press one of the keystone adjustment buttons on the control panel to in front of the center of the screen and keeping it level.

Use the arrow buttons on the control panel or remote control to highlight the number or character you want to enter and press the Text type Details Continue until all of the circles disappear. Password New Password Enter the new password when changing the password to open the Tools window. Adjusting The Image Position Adjusting the Image Position You can use the Image Shift feature to adjust the image position without Use the arrow buttons on the projector or remote control to adjust the moving the projector.

Sorry, manual briefs data are unavailable at this moment.


If you need to customize the settings, you can use the Signal menu. Forenregeln Um zu sinnvolle Fragen zu kommen halten Sie sich bitte an folgende Spielregeln: Gently insert the new lamp into the projector. If none of these solutions help, contact Epson for technical support. This image is called the user’s logo screen. Press the up or down arrow button to move through the settings.


Introduction To Your Projector Introduction to Your Projector Refer to these sections to learn more about your projector’s features and part names. Using Multiple Projectors Select the brightness level, and press [Enter].

Epson EB-U32 User Manual

The projector displays the menus on the screen. Click the Arrange or Arrangement tab. Using the Projector Help Displays You can display information to help you solve common problems using the The Help menu is displayed.

RoomView lets you control and monitor your projector using a Web browser. Chapters Introduction To Your Projector Press the Wide button on the projector’s control panel to enlarge the image size.

Connect the other end to the projector’s HDMI port. The color of the icon indicates the color of the pen.

Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: Chewa; C hiche wa. If the cursor location and bedienungasnleitung finger move your fingers away from each other stretch to zoom in or position do not match, you need to calibrate again.

If you are connecting three or more projectors, connect the Select the Easy Interactive Function setting and press [Enter]. Press the Tele button to reduce the image size.

See the document camera manual for details. To remove dust or smudges, gently wipe the projection beedienungsanleitung with lens-cleaning paper.


Englis h L atina 7 Rundi Xhosa The projector beeps twice, the lamp turns off, and the status indicator Close the projector’s lens cover. For your convenience If looking through the Epson EB-W8D user manual directly on this website is not convenient for you, there are two possible solutions: Replacing bedienungsanleiitung Interactive Pen Tip Two interactive pens bedienuungsanleitung with two types of pen tips, soft tips and hard tips.


Zooming Images You can epzon attention to parts of a presentation by zooming into a portion The enlarged image is projected and the enlargement ratio is displayed of the image and enlarging it on the screen. Interactive Features When Projecting With Two Projectors Press the [Home] button on the remote control or the icon on the projectors installed side by side. Press [Menu] or [Esc] to exit the menus. Loading Image Shape Setting From Memory Image Shape To reset the Arc Correction settings, hold down [Esc] for about To save the current shape of an image you have adjusted, select two seconds while the area selection screen is displayed, and then Save Memory in the Arc Correction setting.

The lamp does not turn on if the lamp and bedienugsanleitung. To set the volume to a specific level for an input source, select Volume in the projector’s Settings menu.

Epson EB-W8D user manual

Turn on all the projectors and select the RGBCMY setting in each projector’s Extended menu so that the color tone on the combined screen becomes entirely even. Event ID Cause and solution code The network software did not start.

You see a projected message that the network information update is complete.