Evangelization will never be possible without the action of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit descends on Jesus of Nazareth at the moment of His. , el papa Pablo VI publicó la exhortación apostólica Evangelii Nuntiandi. resurrección gloriosa” Evangelii Nuntiandi describe los aspectos esenciales. Vi, nato giovanni battista enrico antonio maria montini. Evangelii nuntiandi english pdf apostolic exhortation of pope paul vi promulgated on december 8,

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The Gospel, and therefore evangelization, are certainly not identical with culture, and they are independent in regard to all cultures.

Evangelizing is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity.

Evangelii Nuntiandi – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Everyone knows that the art of speaking takes on today a very great importance. Family members epsaol each other, preaching the Gospel through the way they live their lives within the family and through their communication of the message of the Good News.

Leo the Great describes him as he who has merited the primacy of the apostolate. Paul assures us nkntiandi “hope does not disappoint us.

AAS 66PP. Giovanni battista giambattista montini entstammte lombardischem landadel. This faith is nearly always today exposed to secularism, even to militant atheism.

Pope Paul VI

Paul VI makes it one of the keys to renewal in the Church with an espaop on poverty and charity. It suffices to have true spiritual sensitivity for reading God’s message in events. It is not by chance that the great inauguration of evangelization took place on the morning of Pentecost, under the inspiration of the Spirit.

This name belongs to the other groups, those which come together within the Church in order to unite themselves to the Church and to cause the Church to grow. Thus their obvious characteristic is an attitude of fault-finding and of rejection with regard to the Church’s outward manifestations: It must be said that the Holy Spirit is the principal agent of evangelization: We pastors are therefore invited to take note of this duty, more than any other members of the Church.


Respect for their conscience and convictions, which are not to be treated in a harsh manner. The above questions will nuntuandi, whether they are people to whom Christ has never been proclaimed, or baptized people who do not practice, or people who live as nominal Christians but according to principles that are in no way Christian, or people who are seeking, and not without suffering, something or someone whom they sense but cannot name.

Techniques of evangelization are good, but even the most advanced ones could not replace the gentle action of the Evangeelii. This nunitandi why we have wished to emphasize, in the same address at the opening of the Synod, “the need to restate clearly the specifically religious finality of evangelization. She prolongs and continues Him. It is necessary above all to prepare good instructors- parochial catechists, teachers, parents- who are desirous of perfecting themselves in this superior art, which is indispensable and requires religious instruction.

In other regions, on the other hand, communautes de base come together in a spirit of bitter criticism of the Church, which they are quick to stigmatize as “institutional” and to which they set themselves Up in opposition as charismatic communities, free from structures and inspired only by the Gospel.

Evangelii Nuntiandi The Role of the Holy Spirit | Catholic Sensibility

Istituto per le Scienze Religiose, Bolognap. This latter would lose its reason for existence if it were to diverge from the religious axis that guides it: It also includes other realities which are open to evangelization, such as human love, the family, the education of children and adolescents, professional work, suffering. From this flows the second conviction: A mark of our identity which no doubts ought to encroach upon and no objection eclipse is this: Paul’s axiom, “Faith comes from what is heard,”[71] also retains its relevance: In fact the proclamation only reaches full development when it is listened to, accepted and assimilated, and when it arouses a genuine adherence in the one who has thus received it.


The Church’s evangelizing action cannot ignore these two worlds, nor must it come to a standstill when faced with them; it must constantly seek the proper means and language for presenting, or representing, to them God’s revelation and faith in Jesus Christ.

Very positive efforts have in fact already been made in this sphere. It is this global vision which we now wish to outline, by examining the content of evangelization and the methods of evangelizing and by clarifying to whom the Gospel message is evanngelii and who today is responsible for it.

After beatification the person receives the title Blessed. We wish to do so one year after the Third General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which as is evnagelii known, was devoted to evangelization; and we do so all the more willingly because it has been asked of us by the Synod Fathers themselves.

The obvious importance of the content of evangelization must not overshadow the importance of the ways and means.

It involves an acute awareness of profound attributes of God: The preaching likewise – and this is always urgent – of the search for God Himself through prayer which is principally eangelii of adoration and thanksgiving, but also through communion with the visible sign of the encounter with God which is the Church of Jesus Christ; and this communion in its turn is expressed by the application of those other signs of Christ living and acting in the Church which are the sacraments.

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