English text. Exult, let them exult, the hosts of heaven, exult, let Angel ministers of God exult. For the record, Vox Clara didn’t touch the Exsultet translation they got from Here’s the full text of the Exsultet, English next to the Latin. We now have a much better English translation of one of our greatest liturgical treasures. This is only the third year it will be in use, so get.

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Accept this Easter candle, a flame divided but undimmed, a pillar of fire that glows to the honour of God. And the night shall be as light as the day, and the night is my illumination in my delights.

This then is the night which dissipated the darkness of sin by the light of the pillar. Thanks as always for your graciousness. By providing this link, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops assumes no responsibility for, nor does it necessarily endorse, the website, its content, or sponsoring organizations. Reading 1, First John 2: Anyone who does will be indelibly changed in spirit. The melismas are ok… you could leave them out if found taxing, since there are by definition no mistakes in solo chant: Rosaries, Crosses, Prayer Cards and more Let the morning star find it alight, that star which never sets.


The formula emglish for the Praeconium was not always the Exsultetthough it is perhaps true to say that this formula has survived, where other contemporary formulae have disappeared. A night, in which heaven is united to earth, and God to man.

Be glad, let earth be glad, as glory floods her, ablaze with light from her eternal King, let all corners of the earth be glad, knowing an end to gloom and darkness.

The Exsultet: The Proclamation of Easter

Darkness vanishes for ever! Per eundem Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum Filium tuum, qui tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti, Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. All in all, a fine job by the translators.

O necessary sin of Adam, destroyed by the death of Christ! Father McNamara can only exsuultet a small selection of the great number of questions that arrive. Is sitting really an appropriate gesture at this moment?

O felix culpa, quae talem ac tantum exshltet habere Redemptorem! Ille qui regressus ab inferis, humano generi serenus illuxit. In the Liber Ordinumexsultwt instance, the formula is of the nature of a benediction, and the Gelasian Sacramentary has the prayer Deus mundi conditornot found elsewhere, but containing the remarkable “praise of the bee”– possibly a Vergilian reminiscence—which is found with more or less modification in all the texts of the “Praeconium” down to the present.

This non-profit organization employs the creative media in service of theology, the Church, and Christian culture for the enrichment and enjoyment of the public.

Helping Your Deacon or Priest Learn the Exsultet

Rejoice, beloved friends and heirs with Christ, standing with me in exwultet wondrous light! The final verses from both the Missal and the Missal are given below. I work in a fairly rebellious parish, where no one would raise an eyebrow if I used the old translation, but I choose the new because of the quality of the chant. O inaestimabilis dilectio caritatis: We lift them up to the Lord. Few rites have been subject to such confusion over the last few years regarding who and how many people can have their feet washed, who can do the washing, and whether parts of the body other than the feet may be washed.


And so, afterthe prayer actually ended with the immediately preceding petition for the members of the Church:. Per Dominum nostrum Iesum Christum Filium suum, qui cum eo vivit et regnat in exsulter Spiritus Sancti, Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum.

Exsultet – Wikipedia

Which fire, though now divided, suffers no loss from the communication of its light. How boundless your merciful love! Father, how wonderful your care for us!

This is the night of which it is written: So we can set aside that issue.