[email protected] Knows, is a book that will make readers aware of how small changes in what they follow and what they choose, can have a profound impact on their lives . [email protected] KnowsShailendra SinghRupa pagesRs You know you’ve landed a ‘different’ book to review when the author first directs you to a. The blurb for Shailendra Singh’s book ‘[email protected] Knows’ gives the impression of a self-improvement book and the author seems to have himself.

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K Knows’ gives the impression of a self-improvement book and the author seems to have himself recollected that intention every now and then in the course of writing the knoww. K knows why som F? It is all fine to say “Follow your gut and not what lies below” but also touting hot cars and hotter girl-friends is not really a plug for ignoring what lies beneath the gut.

Overall, I won’t say this book is for everyone. Lists with This Book. Pathetic book ever tried to read!!

Sep 11, Vipin Dwivedi rated it liked it. You don’t have to keep them there: Finally I clicked that button to review and have no regrets at all as I enjoyed reading it!!

Book review: ‘[email protected] Knows’

Mostly I kind of skipped that word, Which was like skipping too many words a page: Symbolically it marks the beginning of the new-year and a new age with all knkws of life blended in one pickle! By the medium of this book he’ll try to tell you to be yourself and do what your heart wants, not what your parents want, not what your boss wants, not what anyone else wants, he wants you to create your own Fuck-It list, things you’d like to do.

Orgasm as character study where the author tells about watching 2 of his friends having sex with some stranger and finding a character analogy based on way they f? Entry from Backside Only. Refresh and try again. I picked it up coz the name looked catchy: It might look like a simple line easy to adopt in life but it take years for some to really find out – What makes them happy? Suresh Chandrasekaran April 16, at 8: Go read and understand it because you already know it! As I heard, it’s awesome.


As a step towards creating the list, he suggests first making a list of things we do not ever want to be. But when the answer is f? There is d actionable or even psychological punch in this book.

Life is Like This: [email protected] Knows – A Book Review

Not to my bro or mother for sure I know. It’s a useful book to all. He reiterates this point in three chapters just to drill it in. And for you Holy-cows he is a god fearing man! I can recommend a few to some one who genuinely wants to read such books But I will think thrice before suggesting this one. Are you on the right track?

Are you truly happy? Few chapter knosw and snippets I really loved from the book. Take a marker, black out all the swear words, and two other chapters as well!

[email protected] Knows

The guy gets it. For sure you will define yourself after reading this bio. We push ourselves to the limits with a hope that we will be able to control the race or at the least be on the top of it.

His writing style is very casual and simple using day to day jock-boy-slang terms which I liked, he was rather blunt with his messages. As for creating any clarity in the minds of youth about how to conduct their futures, the book is truly speaking no use. Author is clear about what he wants to convey. Thanks for telling us about the problem. View all 5 comments.


He fears he will be questioned by big authors like Deepak Chopra or Salman Rushdie for bringing down the levels of Indian writing but all his fears can go take a hoot as who the F? Other than the above two things I absolutely loved the book and recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better.

It makes for a VERY uncomfortable read when you’re sitting next to your busmate, and have a reputation of being a no-swearing girl. In fact, what the youth mistake for a passion for a profession has more to do with the passion for the perceived rewards from that profession. Making bucket lists, writing letters to yourself, and practicing Tai Chi are a notable few. The author if at all has time to know that someone got better after reading his book needless to say he would be elated.

Book is sometime boring but in every chapter you will learn one small important thing and you spend you entire day thinking about.

[email protected] Knows by Shailendra Singh

Written in both first and second person, using the language of a layperson, readers will frequently encounter humour, slangs and blurred profanity. But, considering that I am confused enough about my own life – considering the stuff you said about mixed desires – why add to it by reading a book which again @l nothing new.

Arvind Passey April 15, at We all need to be convinced that we can make our own success stories. The philosophy’s, reasons, methods and revelations done in this autobiography-cum-life guide will change your mindset for sure.