Originally posted by Joe Kamenar: model and the question is can the company get a percentage of the assignment fee. I think you’ll find that the answer is no. FIND AND ASSIGN How to Make Fast Cash in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk Joseph S. Kamenar, MBA Includes. Fill & Sign Online, Print, Email, Fax. Expert Author Joe Kamenar. For those looking to get into real estate investing in today’s market, there is a unique way to profit without needing.

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Too confused on lease options, pre-foreclosures, buying “subject to” or short sales? Learn how to attract money to do your deals. How to rehab a property profitably.

In some states, it’s fnd to pay a finder’s fee or assignment fee to a person who isn’t a real estate broker. You will also learn when to use a purchase option instead of an agreement of sale, eliminating any risk. The hardest part of this business is finding properties.

I used akmenar program instead of cashing out another investor Here is what is in your book and in your zip file as “Word” documents: I’m sorry I can’t refer to it directly or even remember many details, but what stuck with me is that this remains an unsettled area of the law. Discover a daily roadmap to take back your day and establish a time for intentional living with this journal! He has been into web development for more than 14 years, and into web analytics for more than 10 years.


Join the millions of people achieving financial freedom through the power of real estate investing.

Profit in Real Estate Without Cash, Credit or Risk!

With your package, this has not been a problem. You can copy them or make modified versions of your own. Getting Your Ducks in Order You will learn how to choose your business entity, and how to avoid paying the self-employment tax on most of your profits through the use of a Limited Partnership. You even get a letter that you can send to attorneys plus three important items that should go with EVERY mailing! Try getting a mortgage on that property!

Have cash to purchase foreclosures or REO properties.

You have 14 days to evaluate it, kamear free. You will learn how to determine if a seller is motivated, plus you will learn how a simple 20 cent item will keep your name in front of prospects for months and months.

Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

I’ve been telling everyone I know, whose interested in learning about real estate kamenarr, about your course. Your forms and materials however filled in some of the most important missing pieces!

Donna Fox, “From Credit Repair kmenar Credit Millionaire” 90 minutes Learn how Donna has made a fortune in real estate by understanding how our credit system works. Log in Sign up. I like that all the forms and agreements were included. You will not be involved in the rehab of the home, thus you do not have to worry about monitoring your contractor, dealing with cost overruns or getting permits and inspections done. Sub2 Assignmentsas I call this program, are very attractive because there are many sellers who have little or no jie in their properties and where they are trying to avoid foreclosure.


Your course is the best I’ve seen at the price you charge. Turn any seller into a motivated seller and explain why znd are the golden ticket to profitable real estate deals.

Is it Legal to Earn a Commission on an Assignment Fee?

I am impressed with your prompt handling of my requests. You will learn much of the same material as in Find and Assigniamenar new topics like: Buyers love this program because they can take ownership of a property without having to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Annual mortgage reduction, annual equity build-up, annual property value, annual cash flow yield and annual equity yield. All views on this would be appreciated. The download link to this e-book is included with your purchase. After just two property inspections I felt like a seasoned buyer, since I learned what to look for before making an offer. I made my money and the other investor had to do a second mortgage, refi or sell to get her money I also step you through the entire process of how a deal works, so you will be able to explain this to new investors.

I have spent a week just learning more about rehabbing and buying properties “sub2”.