The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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If the asset category were “computer, hardware”, your flexfield could prompt for CPU chip and memory size.

Values and Value Sets

You define global segments for the common information, suie the Global Data Elements value. However, that reference field value also populates the structure context column in the table, since that value specifies which structure the flexfield displays.

Users also see this value whenever they select a value in a flexfield segment that uses this value set.

That is, you can define a single report parameter a descriptive flexfield segment to pop open a flexfield, such as the Accounting Flexfield, where your user can enter flexfield segment values as reporting criteria. These values are treated and sorted as date-time values, so DEC Choose any proprietary balance sheet account type if you are defining a statistical account segment value. For those application flexfields that support more than one structure such as the multiple charts of accounts in the Accounting Flexfieldyou can create a new structure for your flexfield by inserting a row.

The table contains a unique ID column also called the code combination ID column as the primary key, as well as individual segment columns, a structure ID column, and other flexfields-related columns. If you define context field values in the Context Field Values block of the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window that do not exist in the context field value set, fledfields will be ignored, even if you have defined context-sensitive segments for them.

Flefxields you do, your flexfield compiles automatically to improve on-line performance. In this example, the Country Code value could be captured as a profile option value specific to ror user. For example, while the Oracle General Ledger products use only the Accounting Flexfield key flexfield, almost every Oracle E-Business Suite product uses the Accounting Flexfield for some part of its processing.


We enter a new name and description for the grant. You cannot modify values for a value set if that value set is currently being modified by another user, either using the Segment Values Window or the Account Hierarchy Editor with Oracle General Ledger.

Planning and Defining Descriptive Flexfields

If the field contains Parent, any parent values that fall in the specified range are considered to be children of your parent value. If you choose this format type but enter values that e-bhsiness to be numbers, such as or 20, you should be oracpe that these values will still behave as character values. Also, suppose that depending on some profile option we want our users to see only a subset of the country data.

Your value set size must be less than or equal to the size of fr underlying segment column in the flexfield table. When you enter No, you can neither use this segment value in GL accounts on the Enter Journals window, nor define formula journal entries that affect GL accounts with this segment value.

A combination would have different segments depending on the flexfield structure being used for that combination. You may use bind variables in the Description Column and Additional Columns fields. Your list contains only the default types that have formats that match your value set format type. Qualifiers Some key flexfields use segment qualifiers to hold extra information about individual key segment values. If necessary, create your default dependent values manually using the Segment Values form you also use this form to create flexfiields dependent values other than the default value.

Even changing cross-validation felxfields or flexfield security rules can cause inconsistencies with existing data.

The desired behavior of which Country Code value is used by the descriptive flexfield may depend on the action at runtime. You would then define context-sensitive segments for just those countries that need context-sensitive segments.

If you use a validation table for this value set, this format type corresponds to the format type of the value column you specify in the Validation Table Information region, regardless of whether you also specify a hidden ID column. Your first step in planning your key flexfields is to determine which key flexfields your Oracle E-Business Suite product requires. If you do not specify a hidden ID column, Oracle E-Business Suite uses the value set maximum size to determine if a value can fit in the underlying flexfield segment column.


Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide

If you need a complex SQL clause to select your values from a table, you should instead first define a view over the table which selects the rows you need, and then define the value set over the view. You can determine whether a key flexfield allows more than one structure, as well as other information on the key flexfield, in the Register Key Flexfield form. Note that where a value set is being used by multiple flexfield segments or report parameters, any changes made to a value set affect all segments or parameters that use the same value set, even if access is not explicitly granted for the flexfield that shares the value set.

For example, if you have a table containing the days of the week, you might want the list of values to display them in the chronological order “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, We recommend using flexfield value set security as part of a comprehensive Separation of Duties strategy.

If you are creating additional, more specific grants, this grant will also make it seem like those grants are not functioning properly since everyone will already have access to everything. If you are modifying an existing value set, you can, with the proper privileges, view where the value set is used.

However, those would not be valid if you were using a corresponding hidden field as your reference field and that field provides the values “I” and “T”. When you replace an old value set with a new value set, you can make these types of changes as long as you ensure that your new value set contains every single value that you ever used for that segment and that is now in the combinations table as parts of your code combinations.

Select your validation type: Security Administration Setup” row in the list of available security wizards. Without the displayed context field, your flexfield must determine the context field value from the reference field or your default value. Once we have chosen values for these two fields, the “Select Parameters” section shows that we should choose an application, a key flexfield name, and a structure.