Jens Feder Fractal Structures and Self Organization (TMR network) Fractals; Flow in Porous Media; Granular Materials; Fracture Mechanics; Friction. Available in: Hardcover. This lovely little book will take off and fly on its own power, but the author has asked me to write a few words, and one. Jens Feder is the author of Fractals ( avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Fractals in physics ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews.

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More thorough examination of subprovinces could then be done with even closer sample spacing, and so on. Visualization of geochemical data on map: The number o f areas above the contour 0.

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The simple power-law function of eq. The dynamics of viscous fingering in a two-dimensional porous model has been investigated. In such cases, log transformation of concentrations before calculating variances would produce a variogram with- out a sill, even for log-normal distributions.

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However, log transformation is rarely acceptable in this connection because the variance become enlarged by possible poor precision of the chemical analyses at low concentrations, geder may result in too much noise for detecting real variations at higher concentrations.

Analysis of variograms A semi-variogram Fig.

Oxidates as a geohcemical sampling medium in granitic terrain. Log-normal factals have a great range of concentrations and only variations fraxtals high concentrations will contribute sig- nificantly to the sum of the variance of increments; although the relative vari- ation may be great at low concentrations.

After Koljonen et al. These are typical properties of fractal objects – – they have a fractal dimension. This structure is controlled by the surface dynamics of the growing active zone.

Geochemical distribution patterns geochemical landscapes may well be- long to this type of scale independent phenomena, since the processes causing such patterns have occurred throughout the geological history of the earth, at any speed and at fractal ranging from microscopic to the size of continents see Table 1.


The fractal nature of geochemical landscapes | Torstein Jøssang and Jens Feder –

fractale Objects or phenomena that are created by stochastic processes where all length scales have equal opportunity to be realized, become fractal. Applied Science Publishers Ltd.

Regional geophysical data re- flecting the geochemistry, such as results of airborne radiometric measure- ments, are of particular interest since such datasets normally are obtained in a regular grid and can be so large that interpolation between observation points is not a necessary requirement for the tests.

We con- clude that the data are fractal characterized by dimensions DA in the range 2. He did not attempt to say everything, but what he said is just fine. Within each 30 k m 2 o f thek m 2 sur- vey region one drainage area approximately 10 k m 2 in size was selected for sampling. For the other methods, results for aluminium are given as examples Figs.

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Geochemical Atlas of Northern Fennoscandia, scale 1: Stream sediment was collected at those sites where sam- pling was possible.

In this regime the fingering structure grows mainly at the tips, and the inner region is screened by the outer fingers. The length L of the coast of Norway as a function of the yardstick 5 used in the geder.

Returns are shipped at the customer’s risk. Classes of such patterns are listed in Table 2 and illustrated by examples in Figs.

Help us Corrections Found an error or omission? For the teacher, however, these surveys and monographs are not enough, feactals an urgent need for more helpful books has been widely recognized. A1 shows the most unambiguous variogram Figs.

The n u m b e r of steps needed to go from one end to the other, always stepping on the coastline, is N 5o.

Received 1 December DOI: This discrepancy is, however, not real for two reasons: For purchases where a shipping charge was paid, there will be no refund of the original shipping charge.


The fractal nature of geochemical landscapes. For exploration geochemists, the practical consequences are of particular interest and these will be discussed towards the end of the paper.

Please note that corrections may take a couple of weeks to filter through the various RePEc services.

Jens Feder

Length of contour versus measuring yardstick This method is described in the Introduction, see eq. Cumulative frequency distribution diagram for the contents of acid soluble AI in the minus 0. Although reproducibility is satisfactory for practical mapping purposes, the utilization of the data in variograms covering the entire concentration range could be inappropriate for some elements.

This strategy is generalized in the sketches in Figs. This type of systematic geder employ- ing the principles of fractal geometry for stepwise selection and progressively more thorough exami- nation of subareas of decreasing size, would apply to any survey area of interest and could improve cost-efficiency in mineral exploration. Statistical properties of sediment bed profiles in alluvial channels.

The “ideal” shape semi-variogram.

The previous remarks regarding adjustment to the sensitivity of the an- alytical method, as well as the requirement for interpolation between data points for the area-perimeter relation, are also valid in this ffactals. This dimension was found to exist between 5 and km, which are the limits set by the sampling distance and the size of the survey area. The other three methods are less direct because they require interpolation of geochemical concentrations between sample points to obtain isoconcentration contours.

Modern aerial gamma-ray spectrometry and fractal potassium map of the conterminous United States. The fractal di- mension for the total coastline contour is given by DI 1.